LOVE – Over 100 Date Ideas

Over 100 creative and fun date ideas for all seasons and budgets! Take your S.O. on a date they’ll remember 🙂

*= FREE or budget

  1. Have a picnic*
  2. Stargaze*
  3. Tour a Brewery*
  4. Go indoor rock climbing
  5. Laser tag!
  6. Check out an art gallery*
  7. Go to a museum*
  8. Go to an aquarium
  9. Go to the drive-in movies!
  10. Have an at-home spa date night*
  11. Make a blanket fort together: read, watch movies, play boardgames and/or and cuddle inside*
  12. Go on a wine tour
  13. Take a hot air balloon ride
  14. Go skating*
  15. Visit a zoo
  16. Attend a baseball game
  17. Go paintballing
  18. Swim with dolphins
  19. Go fruit picking at a pick-your-own farm*
  20. Go to a theme park
  21. Sit in on a lecture at a nearby University*
  22. Arrange a photoshoot for you and your honey with a local photographer
  23. Pub date: food, darts and pool
  24. Go skydiving
  25. Go to a rifle range
  26. Play mini-golf
  27. Go to a psychic and have a reading done
  28. Volunteer together (animal shelter, soup kitchen, ect,.)*
  29. Go jet-skiing
  30. Try geocatching* (all you need is a GPS and a sense of adventure)
  31. Have a board game night*
  32. Take a cooking class together
  33. Fly a kite at the park*
  34. Go to a poetry slam*
  35. Go to a comedy night*
  36. Go to a gym and workout together
  37. Go to a fair or festival
  38. Visit a hot spring
  39. Book a horse-drawn carriage ride
  40. Take a ride in a helicopter
  41. Go to a waterpark
  42. Go zorbing
  43. Have a water balloon/water gun fight*
  44. Grab your favourite seasonal drink and go for a fall walk or drive*
  45. All-you-can-eat sushi date (you order on iPads and yes, they have way more than seafood on offer)
  46. Go to a jousting tournament! Medieval Times anyone?
  47. Take a dance class
  48. Take a drive down memory lane: to your past houses, schools, and favourite hangouts*
  49. Bake something together*
  50. Go tubing (on water or snow)
  51. See a live theatre show
  52. Have a rooftop date: grab a blanket, some snacks and stargaze*
  53. Have a chalk date: make silly art and play hopscotch on the pavement just like old times*
  54. Go go karting*
  55. Grab some wellies and go puddle jumping*
    puddle jumping
  56. Go snorkelling
  57. Book a glass bottom boat ride
  58. Go to a butterfly conservatory
  59. Check out the most haunted places near you
  60. Ice cream date: share a shake or grab ice creams before walking it off*
  61. Tour local caves
  62. Attend a murder mystery dinner
  63. Feed ducks together*
  64. Paint date: Attend a painting party or buy a couple canvases and DIY it at home
  65. Go bowling. Maybe even glow in the dark bowling?
  66. Play a drinking game that coincides with your favourite tv show… but know your limits!
  67. Go cage diving with great white sharks
  68. Go dog-sledding
  69. Visit a sugar bush or maple syrup festival*
  70. Have a wine and cheese night*
  71. Go on a haunted walk city tour
  72. Go punting or paddle boating
  73. Go snow-shoeing
  74. Attend a soccer/football/hockey game
  75. Play badminton together*
  76. Find a great trail and go hiking: maybe carve your initials in a tree*
  77. Go camping (away or in the backyard)*
  78. Go to the spa for a couples massage
  79. Have an outdoor movie night
  80. Gather some quarters and go to an arcade*
  81. Go for a run together or work out to a cheesy workout video*
  82. Have a romantic bath together*
  83. Do a hot wings challenge against each-other at a nearby restaurant*
  84. Go the horse or dog races and place little bets*
  85. Go kayaking/canoeing
  86. Tour a local manor/castle
  87. Take a train to a new town or city
  88. Go roller blading*
  89. Have a videogame and pizza night*
  90. Have a bonfire and roast marshmallows*
  91. Visit a sexy shop
  92. Play basketball*
  93. Go for a bike ride*
  94. Go to the driving range or Top Golf*
  95. Go on a dinner cruise
  96. Play frisbee*
  97. Ride a Ferris wheel
  98. Visit a local lido or pool and go for a swim
  99. Stay at a hotel for a night: hit up the town, then take advantage of the pool, hot tub, sauna and gym
  100. Get dressed up fancy: leave a note for your significant other along with something new and nice to wear, telling them to meet you at a certain time and place
  101. Head to the beach*
  102. Skip rocks*
  103. Climb a tree together; build a tree fort*
  104. Go horse-back riding
  105. Go ziplining
  106. Make a snowman and some snow angels*
  107. Go dirt biking/ATVing/snowmobiling
  108. Have a sleepover: grab all your favourite snacks, a great movie, maybe some massage oil or board games and stay up late*
  109. Carve a pumpkin