A Week of Envelopes

So recently I started dating a boy who lives in England (I live in Canada), and I wanted to do something special for him. I am like the most hopeless of all hopeless romantics out there and one of my favourite things about being in a relationship is surprising my partner with cute little things. This is what I came up with, and I had no idea at the time that it would turn into my most pinned pin on pinterest (say that ten times fast :p).


Because mail can take a while to get from here to England I thought it would be nice to send a package that contained 7 envelopes so that he could open one each day for a week. It would give us both something to look forward to and talk about each day: for him he would find either a cute or sexy surprise with a letter, and I (with great anticipation) would get to see which envelope he opened. He absolutely loved it 🙂

Now you wanna know what I put inside don’t you?

Envelope 1: (Open for something sweet)

– a shell from the beach in Florida (where we will meet for the first time)

Envelope 2: (Open for something sweet)

-an iTunes giftcard with a list of romantic songs (since I was on vacation when I put this together I wasn’t able to make a mix cd)

Envelope 3: (open for something sexy)

-Some sexy photos on a USB

Envelope 4: (open for something sweet)

-Gummy bears (his favourite!)

Envelope 5: (open for something sweet)

-My boyfriend is very close with his grandparents so I got him a Starbucks giftcard so he can take them out for tea or coffee.

Envelope 6: (open for something sexy)

-panties. what?

Envelope 7: (open for something sweet)

-Hot chocolate packets since it’s usually damp and cold in England and I can’t be there to warm him up 🙂

*Of course there are endless possibilities so make this idea your own and send your boyfriend or girlfriend a weeks worth of surprises they would like! Just make sure with things like giftcards that they a. have that store/service near them and b. that the card can be used in another country/state ect,. Also be careful with things like dvd’s that are coded by region, cd’s on the other hand are safe 🙂

For more LDR ideas check out my pinterest:


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