25 LDR Surprises (Part 3)

Here are 25 more little surprises to send your ldr sweetie to remind them just how much you heart them πŸ™‚

luggagetagsΒ  luggagetags2

51. Send some DIY luggage tags to your sweetie πŸ™‚ To download the above designs just click on the links below!




52. Is your honey a coffee buff? Send them an “I Miss You A Latte” care package. (or “I Love You A Latte”). Cute!

Tutorial: http://www.kellimurray.com/2012/05/24/diy-i-miss-you-a-latte/


53. Turn your e-mails into a love story using Memeoirs.com πŸ™‚



54. Did you know you can make a simple envelope by beginning with a heart? Now you know! Send your next letter in an envelope made with love πŸ™‚


55. Make your man or lady a custom calendar πŸ™‚ It can be of photos of the two of you, photos of things he likes, or photos of you! How about arranging a boudoir shoot and making him a calendar with the images? πŸ˜‰ You can have these made at your local photo shop or online from places like shutterfly.com.



56. Is your honey a tea drinker? Attach a tiny envelope and love letter to their favourite tea bags, how adorable is that!


57. Here’s a fun little way to fold your next love note… click the link below for instructions πŸ™‚



58. Take out a classified ad in your baby’s local newspaper and leave them a cute message πŸ™‚


59. If you’re artistically inclined create a comic strip featuring your honey πŸ™‚ I think this would be a really sweet keepsake. Or you could always go with stick people… it’s the thought that counts right?


60. Make a scrapbook of the time you and your honey have spent together and send it as a gift. Can include photos, ticket stubs, letters, menus hand-written or printed stories of events that happened/things that were said… be creative πŸ™‚


61. Is your sweetie coming to see you soon? If so you could mail them a carry-on care package πŸ™‚ Fill it with things like a plane pillow, earplugs, sleep mask, snacks, socks (planes are freezing!), sanitary hand wipes, and a magazine or book they’d like.

cootie catcherdone

62. Take your S.O. back in time to their grade school days and send them a homemade cootie catcher! Only instead of filling it with silly tasks to do fill it with sweet love notes πŸ™‚

letter boxesΒ  letter boxes 2

63. Send them a box to keep all your letters in. Photoboxes which can be found at most print shops work perfectly for this, or you could DIY your own :).


64. Is your other half a baseball fan? If they are be sure to send them this baseball that reminds them of why they are such a catch ;). You could also do this with a football.


65. Is your sweetie great at math (ie not me)? Send them this adorable equation to solve :).


66. If your far away lover is more of a bookwarm make them this DIY heart bookmark!

bestboyfriendΒ  funnybritishwords

67. Use iPiccy or any photo editing site to make your significant other a sweet reminder of your love. Let them know why they are the best boyfriend in the whole world (after mine of course) or log an inside joke. Just be creative! Could also draw something similar and mail it.


68. For 19.95 these custom flip flops will write your love story into the sand. Sport your pride by wearing a pair that declares your love for your partner, send your partner a pair that declares their love for you, or simply send a pair that says “I love you” so that they will discover your sweet message the next time they’re kickin it on the beach :).


69. Put in the date you began dating your honey and this site will calculate the number of days you’ve been together and spit out this cute card after you pay them 4.75. Then send this sweet card to your lover :).



70. Give your sweetie a year’s subscription to a magazine as a gift idea, not only will you not have to mail this gift but it’ll keep them thinking of you all year long β™₯ There’s a magazine out there for everything… is your man into boats? cars? psychology? bird watching? golf? Or something like Maxim is pretty popular for guys and Cosmo is a great option for girls if they are girly like me :).


71. The other day I was so short on cash I was actually debating whether pads/tampons were a “need” and I came up with this idea. This would be really thoughtful to give to a girlfriend, and if you’re too embarrassed to go to the store you can use this site to send your girlfriend a period kit. Mine would hopefully include milk chocolate or a giftcard to somewhere I can get ice cream πŸ™‚ If your bf does this for you, he must seriously love you… marry him. lol



72. If your guy/girl is a reader, paste this library card of love into the front of a book they’d like and send!



73. If your lover is more of a fisherman (or fisherwoman!) or a candy lover in general send them a tackle box filled with gummy worms and a note that says you’re hooked on them. Simple and sweet :).


74. A site with tons of free printable templates, just add your photo! Make cute date invite tickets in very little time πŸ™‚ In my movie date in a box I hand-made a ticket but I like this idea too.



75. Unfortunately I can’t be there to bake delicious cookies for my sweetie but this is pretty close! Measure all the dry ingredients into a jar then attach baking instructions πŸ™‚ This *could* get expensive to ship but it’s such a sweet idea. Could also do this with soup.

Hope you’ve found these sweet surprise ideas helpful. More to come! For hundreds of ldr ideas please check out my pinterest:

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