Some Thoughts on Love and Commitment

Demanding security and commitment from someone does not make you desperate or needy; don’t ever let someone make you feel that way.

When you find the right person they will give you all those things and they will do it because they want to. You won’t have to hide your feelings and your wants from them.

Don’t let someone walk all over you; don’t just let them take. Be strong enough to demand the treatment you deserve.

When you give love, you DESERVE love. If they cannot give you the love you deserve then they do not deserve you.

🙂 keep smiling,

you’re beautiful and you’re worth it

(as I write this I receive a message from my boyfriend that says “someone loves you rather alot ❤ I hope you know that.” And I wonder why I waited so long to find someone who gives me all their love and devotion. Perhaps because I didn’t know they existed before.)




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