Jewellery, chips and long Skype chats :)

This will be just a quick little update. Last week my sweetie sent me a letter with a really cute bracelet that has British flags on it. I love it and have been wearing it everyday, he’s so sweet šŸ™‚


Today I sent him a postcard that I’ve been saving until the first snowfall. It has people playing hockey on the front (in Canadian fashion) and I added some heart and Canada themed stickers… and a lipstick kiss of course. I bought it back in the summer and I kept it cause I knew when I filled it out that Christmas would be soon which meant we would be seeing each-other soon šŸ™‚

I also wrapped up a bag of my favourite chips (Miss Vickies sea salt and malt vinegar flavour) to send him. I was wrapping them up at work when a customer came in and gave me an odd look; I explained that I was sending them to my boyfriend who lives in England. Curious he began asking questions… how did we meet? how many times had I seen him? What does he do over there? I’m always happy when I get the opportunity to talk about him :). And because my boyfriend is so darn cute I don’t mind spending the 10$ shipping to send a 3$ bag of chips :p.

Best of all, two days ago we had the longest and best Skype session yet. We Skyped for about 5 hours; we watched a movie together and then we laid in our beds and talked about all sorts of random things. It was really nice. I had been hoping for the night-long talks when we had met in Florida but we never quite got there and usually Skype doesn’t seem like the place for long heart to heart chats but the other day it was like we were laying beside each other instead of 3,000 miles away (it also helped we had a decent Skype connection!). It really takes time to get to know one another and the more you try to plan these deep conversations the more they usually don’t happen.

I think it was hard for me going from a 5 year relationship, to a small break and now into this great new relationship; it’s like I wanted it to pick up where I left off with my ex. I wanted the deep emotional connectedness, and the knowing everything about each-other and I wanted it now, but the truth is that can only come with time. Sometimes I have to remind myself of that. Having that long conversation the other day made me feel even closer and more connected with my honey and I’m even more excited for Christmas now. The more I get to know my man, the more I fall in love with him. I’m quite sure I picked a great one this time :).

My boy and me <3
My boy and me ā¤

Just 44 more days til I see him again :). Cannot believe I’ll be spending Christmas in England, and France, and Scotland with my baby. SO excited!


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