20 Ways to Make This The Best Long Distance Christmas EVER!

This post is going to be a little harder than some of the other ones because I have hundreds of ldr gift ideas (check out my pinterest at the bottom of this article) but to keep this short and sweet I wanna stick to things that really relate to Christmas specifically, so… here goes! *dives in*


1. Send a Christmas Eve care package. Put things in it like a new pair of pj’s, a Christmas movie and some snacks. Hot chocolate and marshmallows? chocolate? cheese and crackers? Just make sure you also get some for yourself so you can have your cozy picnic together! Then you can spend Christmas Eve curled up with your special someone watching a good movie and picnic-ing .

santahatskype coupleschristmasphoto

2. If you’re a couple who doesn’t mind the spotlight (I’m a HUGE photo person, and would miss the opportunity to take cutesy Christmas photos together) why not take silly Christmas photos together? Fill your date-in-a-box with some Christmas paraphernalia: lights, santa hat, reindeer ears, rudolph nose, mistletoe, ect,. and take fun photos together with Skype :). You could even add some fun borders and clipart using a free online editor like iPiccy.

*To take a screen shot simply hold down Ctrl, Alt and Print Screen then open up Paint and press Ctrl, then V to paste the screen shot. Then save it as a jpeg and you’ve got a cute Christmas couple photo :). https://support.skype.com/en/faq/FA10865/how-can-i-take-a-screenshot


3. For all you vixens out there, don’t be afraid to wear nothing but a santa hat ;). Just cause you can’t be together doesn’t mean you can’t surprise him and get his blood pumping with some sexy Christmas lingerie vis-a-vis Skype! For more of the sexy, sexy visit my LDR Sexy Time page *wink wink*.


4. Play a free online Christmas game together! You can find tons of free Christmas games on sites like gamesgames.com or miniclip.com :).

cookiesincan  cookiesinjar

5. Send baking! Christmas is a time for comfort food and sugary goodness, so why not send your sweetie some homemade cookies? Place them in a pringles tin to keep them fresh and relatively crumble free; or in a tupper-ware container with lots of padding (think bubblewrap and parchment paper). Another great option is to send cookies in a jar (send the dry ingredients along with your favourite recipe) so that your S.O. only has to add a couple ingredients (eggs, water, ect) and roll them up into ooe-gooey goodness. Can also do this with soup!

heartteabag  stockingschristmas ornament  snowglobe

6. Make something! As far as gifts go, not much can top the thoughtfulness of a homemade gift. Whether it’s sewing a scarf or stocking, painting/making a christmas ornament, DIY-ing a snowglobe or sewing up some heart-shaped teabags. Get creative!

Heart teabags: http://home-shoppe.squarespace.com/blog/2013/1/27/youre-my-cup-of-tea-diy-heart-shaped-tea-bags

Stockings: http://www.brit.co/20-creative-christmas-stockings/

DIY Snowglobe: http://www.craftionary.net/2012/01/15-diy-snow-globes-best-ideas.html


7. So you can’t cozy up and look at Christmas lights together, but you can snap photos of the best decorated houses that you see and send them to each-other. They’ll be happy to know you are thinking of them, and it’s always nice to share something magical 🙂


8. Make and hang them a stocking, preferably with their name on it even if they won’t be spending Christmas with you. They’ll be flattered that you went to the trouble of including them in your tradition and feel uber special and loved. And next year, they might be there to share it with you!

advent calendar

9. DIY an advent calendar for your sweetie! Fill it with little notes and surprises. Below is a tutorial for a V-day one but it could easily be converted into your typical 24 day advent calendar. You could also use envelopes marked with each day instead.


plane ornament

10. Because this gift relates directly to Christmas I’ll include it. Get a travel themed ornament for their tree, like this silver plane from Barnes and Noble for $14.09.


christmas card

11. Make or buy a cute Christmas card and send! Presents are great but a sweet, heartfelt card is just as wonderful :).


12. Have a coffee shop Skype date! Each order your favourite hot Christmas-y drink and Skype at your local coffee shops. It’ll feel more like a real date since you’re out in public and to keep the date flowing you could challenge your sweetie to a game of online scrabble (and award an extra 5 points for every word connected with Christmas), you could also challenge them to a game of 2 Truths, 1 Lie or each bring a piece of paper and pencil and play Battle Shots.

3 of the best places to play online scrabble: http://scrabble.wonderhowto.com/inspiration/best-places-play-scrabble-online-0129726/

2 Truths, 1 Lie and Battle Shots directions (just minus the drinking bits): https://ldr13.wordpress.com/skype-drinking-games/

christmas movies

13. Watch a Christmas movie together! Maybe make it a weekly date and watch one movie every weekend leading up to the big day (Elf? A Christmas Story? The Grinch Who Stole Christmas? It’s A Wonderful Life?… those are my faves!). Simply both get your hands on the same movie and press play at the same time while you Skype. Or if you’re watching a series together (currenntly my boy and I are watching Big Bang Theory) skip ahead to the Christmas episodes to get into the spirit :).


14. Reminisce. Sometimes I forget that you can have real conversations over Skype; often I get caught up in the day to day details and we don’t have really depthful conversations. This is a great time to share your traditions with each-other as well as your favourite Christmas memories. First make sure they have some time to just talk, then ask them what some of their best Christmas memories are, what was the most favourite thing they ever got for Christmas? What’s the funniest thing that ever happened at Christmas? What’s their favourite Christmas song/thing about Christmas and why? ect,.


15. Show your honey how much you love them – in snow! Whether it’s a heart and initials drawn in the fluffy stuff, a snowman, or a lawn of snow angels… build them something and send them a photo, or show them over Skype what you created just for them :).

christmas products

16. Send cool limited edition Christmas products! Like these candy cane Oreos, or peppermint m&m’s 🙂


17. Make someone’s Christmas extra special together. Ask your partner if they might want to “adopt a child or soldier for Christmas” (where you are paired up with a needy child or a soldier overseas and you send them a Christmas gift/care package). Some organizations disperse the gifts at random and others give you a specific person to buy for. I think it would be fun to decide on a few things together and it’s sure to make you both feel warm and fuzzy inside. Organizations that offer programs like this are:

Operation Christmas Child: http://www.samaritanspurse.ca/operation-christmas-child.aspx

Christmas Angel Tree (Salvation Army): http://blog.salvationarmyusa.org/2013/11/07/angel-giving-tree-heres-how-to-give-and-receive/

Any Soldier: http://www.anysoldier.com/index.cfm

and many more!

christmas parade

18. Live stream a Santa Clause parade or watch one together on Youtube. Disneyworld’s is said to be one of the best (I’ll link it below). You should be able to sync up your youtube videos using google hangouts 🙂

naughtylist naughty list

19. Since you can’t be there to make love to your lover, send your S.O. a sexy letter detailing exactly what you would do to them if you were there. Don’t be afraid to begin this erotic letter with something playful like “Because you made the naughty list this year…” ;). For that extra touch, make a homemade “naughty” certificate for your man or woman, or for 2 pounds you can print the above right one (there’s also one decorated with sexy men for your girl). And if you don’t wanna spend the 2$ you could edit the above photo using an online editor (and it might be fun to glue your face on the sexy bodies :p). You might even wanna stamp or write something like “Naughty”on the front of the envelope as a clue to what lies inside.

Certificate above:



20. And after spending an amazing Christmas together (sort of) don’t forget to send your other half a kiss on New Years Eve!

I hope you found this list helpful and that you have a wonderful Christmas with your ldr sweetheart 🙂 For a million more LDR ideas and present suggestions check out my pinterest:

I’d love to hear any ideas you have on making the Christmas season special from afar, look forward to reading your comments!

2 thoughts on “20 Ways to Make This The Best Long Distance Christmas EVER!

  1. I love #7. I have such fond memories of driving around looking at Christmas lights. It would be so much fun to create a photo stream to keep adding to. Great idea!

    #14 is so true. We had issues of falling into a day to day details rut when we first started our LDR. Glad to know we aren’t the only ones with this issue.

    1. Thanks for taking the time to read and to leave a thoughtful response, I’m glad you liked some of these suggestions :).

      I am also happy to hear we aren’t the only ones who get stuck in the day to day stuff sometimes! About seven months into our LDR we came to the end of our natural dialogue when we would usually say our goodbyes but instead we just kept Skype going as he made a sandwich and as we layed in our beds; there were some awkward silences but eventually we got into our first real chat. That’s the day I knew I loved him. 🙂

      Best wishes to you!

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