At The Airport

Seriously. Who could stay mad at this face?

After 5 months I’m FINALLY going to see my baby again. It’s pretty crazy when I think about the fact that we’ve been together almost a year and so far have only spent 2 weeks face to face. Will be amazing to have almost a month of quality time together to go on adventures and cuddle and have long chats and bake cookies and get on each others nerves :). Half kidding. We actually get along really well but we’ll see how things go when it’s 24/7. He’s awfully cute though, can’t stay mad at him long :p.

I’m really excited to get to England; I’ve never been there before and will be meeting my sweetie’s family and friends for the first time in person and they seem great. They’ve been so welcoming of me and I just hope I live up to all the hype my honey has told them :p. I’m slightly nervous but I think that has more to do with the fact that the past two days have been incredibly stressful due to some family stuff. I think when I can finally hug my boy any nervousness will disappear :). I’m also suuuuper excited that we’re gonna go on the Harry Potter Studio Tour! Plus I know he’s planned a couple surprises that I’m sure will be lovely :).

In other news this airport seat is making my butt hurt and I have another hour and a half to kill. Did my makeup and a very poor attempt at a French manicure while I’ve been waiting. Also I have the heaviest carry on of life with no wheels (but it matches my vintage suitcase!) so I suppose it was worth lugging around this airport in heels. Luckily I packed some flats in my bag (but then what have I not packed in my heaviest carry on of life?).

Just thought I’d post a quick update. Who else is going to be seeing their long distance other half this Christmas? 🙂


Woo, just reached over 500 pinterest followers (and fellow LDR’ers). Check it out if you’d like a ton of ideas on how to keep your LDR fun from afar.


7 thoughts on “At The Airport

  1. too bad i won’t be seeing mine over Christmas. Thought i would travel to Nairobi this week just before Christmas and be back in time coz of the hustle of travelling in Kenya over Christmas. Increased fares and masses of humanity plus a shortage of vehicles due to all those people travelling to see their loved ones during that time. He just finished his ACCA exams and kept on asking when i would be coming coz he really wanted to unwind with me. Anyway, instead of feeling down about it i started making plans to meet with some of my friends who happen to reside in Nakuru like me but spend most of the year in Nairobi just like me. Know we’ll have lots of fun. Wish you all the best in your stay in England. Enjoy yourself and congrats for all those followers you have on pinterest.

      1. i had a wonderful one with friends and family and i also realised i couldn’t find you on facebook at some point. Said i would ask you about it sometime soon.

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