England with My Boy (quick update)

Sorry I’ve been so MIA everyone, been spending every waking second with my long distance other half. Still can’t believe I’m actually here in England with him (after not seeing each other in 6 months). I’m here just shy of a week longer and the time I’ve spent here has flown by way too quickly! I think it’s gonna be even harder to go home this time as we’ve grown closer and even more in love. He has been wonderful and his family have all been so welcoming and amazing 🙂 I’ll post a more detailed post when I’m back in Canada but here’s some tidbits from the trip so far…

england8beautiful flowers my boy brought me when he picked me up at the airport ❤ He waited there 4 hours cause he said he couldn’t wait to see me and just wanted to get to there :p Was wonderful and surreal seeing him again after 6 months.englandjust a photo I took on our first day shopping in Cambridge. Thought this looked so pretty and british.

england4My baby booked us a hotel in London for 4 days and surprised me with a date at the Royal Albert Hall to listen to Christmas Carols. The Hall was gorgeous inside and I had a lovely time getting all dressed up for a night out with my man 🙂

england3Buckingham Palace! It was so cold and rainy/windy this day but we braved the weather to see some landmarks before heading back to his hometown the next day.


Skating with Josh and some of his friends in London 🙂 Also did the Museum of Natural History and Science Museum this day plus we visited platform 9 and 3/4 at King’s Cross Station and took the underground to Big Ben and the London Eye. What an amazing day 🙂

england5On the London Eye 🙂

england7The highlight of the trip for me was the Harry Potter Studio Tour. So amazing! And because my wonderful boyfriend loves me he agreed to wear the matching Gryffindor hat I got him even though he’s not a Potterhead like I am :p I just love him 🙂

england2The real Diagon Alley!

england9Took my man out for lunch at Jamie Oliver’s Italian Restaurant in Cambridge 🙂

england10At the Museum of Natural History to visit with dinosaurs 🙂

More to come soon. Hope you all had a lovely Christmas and a very Happy New Year! As for mine, it couldn’t have been better 🙂


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