Valentines Day is On The Way!


For most people V-Day probably seems a ways away but for us LDR’ers we’d better get a move on (considering it takes a month and a half to ship something to my baby I need to send a package TOMORROW!). I just got home from England (visiting him) last night and don’t know how I’m gonna get it together for tomorrow when I’m working most of today and tomorrow. Eek! Here’s what I got so far:

-When we were together I programmed alarms into his phone each week to remind him of my love including a message on Valantines Day.

-I’d like to write out a sweet message on paper or bristol board and take a photo of myself holding it for him and either print it and send it in his V-Day care package or post it to facebook/send it to his email on the day. I love this cause it’s basically free yet so thoughtful 🙂 Any ideas for a sweet, maybe long distance themed quote?

-I would really like to get him a hourglass and have it engraved with “I Will Wait, I Will Wait For You” and a personal message on the other end.

-I’d like to send him some edible things he likes along with the small present (like chips they don’t have in england… maybe some candles? a movie we can both watch over Skype?). Was also thinking of getting him a box of chocolates, leaving a sweet note under each one and then gluing the box back together :).

-I’d like to get something delivered to him, like a pizza, or an edible arrangement but at least that won’t have to be planned out until the actual day.

How are you planning to make Valentines Day extra special for your sweetie? Id love to know 🙂

For a million sweet ideas check out my pinterest:


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