Long Distance Valentines Day


This Valentines weekend had its ups and downs but it’s ended on a good note and that’s what counts :). Thursday night I left my baby a message for him to wake up to like I always do and added a photo that I took for him holding a “Be My Valentine?” heart.

On Friday the 14th my boy got called out at 4am by the army to get ready to go to the floods, worked til 5pm and then was told that they are not going and are just on call for the weekend. I had thought by the time I woke up Friday he’d be at home, have opened my Valentines Day package and would have left me a sweet goodmorning message as he always does.


I was getting a bit worried about him because he always reads my message and leaves me one for when I wake up in the morning, but was glad to hear from him as soon as he finished work (noon my time, 5pm his). He explained about getting called out early and being really busy and all was fine. We had a quick Skype and then he went out for pizza for 4 HOURS… he ended up hanging with some of his army buddies. I wasn’t happy that he didn’t check his phone in all that time and was feeling really down and lonely by the time he got back at 10pm his time. I did get a nice card and letter in the mail on Friday but I was really disappointed I didn’t get to talk with him more and just wanted to crawl into bed and forget about the day by the time he got back.

I was also a little disappointed he didn’t write back when I left a heartfelt Valentines message for him on my wall. He’s usually pretty good with that stuff but boys just don’t always understand that Facebook matters and that when they don’t write you back it looks like they’ve just publicly snubbed or ignored you (or at least that’s the way I see it). He knew I was upset; I think the tears gave me away.

We very rarely get upset with each-other but once in a while it does happen. It was nothing messy; I got upset, he apologized. We had a good sleep and woke up feeling better today, and of course I woke up to a nice goodmorning message :).

Saturday morning he drove home and though my Valentines card had arrived, my care package (despite having mailed it six weeks in advance!) had not. Hopefully it gets there for next weekend; I am hoping the post office didn’t lose it! I can post what I put in it below because I don’t *think* he reads my blog lol. In it I put some chips, Chai tea, and chocolate (underneath each Fererro Rocher chocolate I left a short love note and then sealed the box back up so it looks unsuspecting), and then a keychain with a photo of the two of us in it. He got me a photo of us in a keychain (that I love) and have on my keys and when I told him the other week I’m always looking at it he said “I need one of those” … little did he know one is on it’s way to him. Muahaha. I love when things work out like that :).


The elusive care package

We had planned to celebrate V-Day on the Saturday a week ago so I took the afternoon off work and we baked brownies together and watched Valentines Day (one of my all-time favourite movies). I also last-minute decided to order him a Domino’s pizza with some side dishes as a surprise. I stole Rachel’s (http://walk2000miles.wordpress.com) idea and had them put the pepperoni’s in the shape of a heart :p. He liked his surprise especially the jalapeno dough balls. I lit some candles and displayed the card he sent me on the table beside me as we had our movie date and stuffed our faces with pizza and brownies. Mmmm :).


After that we continued to Skype and had an unusually long Skype hangout for a few more hours after the movie finished. We talked about all the things were gonna do when he comes here and shared facts and links about the tallest buildings in the world, places we wanna see and things we wanna do. He wants to do Edgewalk at the CN Tower; I think he’s nuts haha. I had a good laugh over when he would try and figure out how to say the names of certain States and Provinces. And we maaaay have had a little sexy time in there somewhere. Or maybe not. You’ll never know. The suspense is killing you isn’t it? Okay, we did. πŸ™‚

All in all it was a good weekend and it was nice to get to spend so much time together today :). I think I miss him more everyday. Is it time for him to be here yet!?!?


The very sweet card and letter he sent me :)
The very sweet card and letter he sent me πŸ™‚



He is just too sexy sometimes :)
He is just too sexy sometimes πŸ™‚