Quick update :)

Isn't he just the darn cutest?
Isn’t he just the darn cutest?

Josh’s Valentines Day package FINALLY arrived! Today is exactly the six week mark (it takes 4-6 weeks for a package to get to him… yeah, it does stink). But I’m SO happy that they didn’t lose it. I was starting to think it might never get there. He’ll get to open it on the weekend when he goes home; there’s nothing fancy or expensive in it but it’s just nice to get mail :).

We had a really nice Skype date today and watched The Heartbreak Kid and some Big Bang Theory episodes and just hung-out together.Β  We haven’t been able to coordinate any movie watching lately cause I’m usually at work or he’s busy so that was awesome. I even had snacks on account of going grocery shopping the other day; am I the only one who gets ridiculously excited whenever there’s food in the house? You’d think I was starved as a child lol.

He mentioned he was thinking of getting a phone case with a photo of the two of us on it which I thought was the sweetest thing ever :). He’s also been bidding on Toronto Maple Leaf jersey’s online and wants me to take him to a hockey game. Unfortunately the Leaf’s won’t be playing this summer when he’s here but I’m sure at some point he’ll be here when they are. We also wanna get Canadian and British flags for our rooms.

It’s really neat learning about another place and having a special interest in what’s happening there. I feel like I’ve become a lot more interested in geography and history since we started dating, and while I’ve always wanted to travel I never really thought it was possible; I didn’t think I’d be able to save up the money that travel requires but it’s amazing what you can accomplish when you’re in love haha. I’m SO thankful we will be able to see each-other 3-4 times this year :D. Counting down those days!!

Will you be seeing your S.O. soon? Received/sent anything interesting in the mail lately? Ever had a parcel or letter get lost in the mail? Feel free to leave some words πŸ™‚

Also feel free to join the Long Distance Love facebook page πŸ™‚ If you’d like to share your ldr story/blog/photo on the page just send them in!


Keep smiling everyone πŸ™‚


4 thoughts on “Quick update :)

  1. I love that you watch shows together. My hubby and I do this when we are feeling especially lonely. It’s so nice to have access to so much at our finger tips. Definitely makes the distance easier. Can’t wait to hear about his trip to Canada!

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