My Long Distance Boyfriend Met My Dad… And I Couldn’t Be There :p


I know, it’s odd right? The way things worked out Josh got an Air Canada flight back from Florida on April 26th and had an 8 hour layover in Toronto. My flight wasn’t til the 28th because the airline I use is way cheaper but doesn’t fly every day of the week. So instead of having my lovely boyfriend wait around the Toronto airport for 8 hours my dad agreed to pick him up and show him around.

So the first time my boyfriend comes to my country AND meets my dad, I don’t get to be there :p. Luckily things weren’t awkward. Dad brought him on Oh Henry bar (best chocolate bar there is! Hey dad, where’s mine?) and they had dinner at Montana’s Cookhouse and talked over Firecracker burgers. They also Skyped me; which seemed super odd!

He showed him around Toronto; the CN Tower, Harbor front, Skydome (NOT Rogers Centre! grrr) and Josh snapped a few photos. Again, really weird for me! Josh said it was freezing (it was plus 6… try telling me that when it’s minus 30 :p).

cntower cntower2

The verdict is they both really liked each-other (I knew they would). Dad said you can tell he’s a very nice fellow, very personable. And Josh said my dad’s a good guy. All’s well that ends well 🙂 Although now that I’ve told dad my plans to move to England in a year he says he might have to get rid of him. Goodluck with that one!


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