Anniversary Care Package, and I Wrote A Novel

I had such a busy weekend with a friend’s birthday and a Bachelorette Party the next night in Niagara Falls.  Usually I’m pretty boring since I stay in to save my pennies for traveling to see my man. It was a nice change though; I think it gave him the chance to miss me and to remind him I’m not always boring haha. I messaged and woke him up at 4am on Friday and he texted me back for a while cause he’s wonderful :). I also tried out false eyelashes for the first time. They feel really weird for the first while but I think I may need to go buy some because I’m in love with them.  I also went to a strip club for the first time (I didn’t wear my glasses) so what I saw was fairly blurry lol.


The package I sent my man for our one year anniversary arrived the other day and today while we were Skyping we decided he could open it early (it’s on July 6th). It was a really nice Skype date and he loved all the treats and especially the “What I Love About You” notebook I filled out and pasted photos of us and cute facebook convos in. I sent two bags of Miss Vickies chips because I’ve gotten him addicted to them muahaha.



Penguins mate for life, so I got him a stuffed penguin for when he misses me and sprayed him with my perfume. 🙂 I also printed out the blogs I’ve written about each of our meetings.



The only thing is now I’ll have to do something else to make our actual anniversary special :p. Maybe have some food or baked goods delivered to his door… hmm… Tonight he sent me the sweetest message ever about how today reminded him of how much I mean to him and how lucky he is to have me (he put it way better). It made me so happy and made it all worth it :). I just love him. I’ve found my penguin.


Also, last week I finished the first draft of my next fiction novel which chronicles the hilarious adventures and misadventures of three long distance couples. I am in love with my characters and their stories and I cannot wait to share it! My previous novels can be found on (Enchanted Awakening and Enchantment Everlasting). I hope to release this book entitled “The LDR Diaries” within the next year. So keep your eyes open for that! The above photo is me after I finished the last chapter. SO happy. It’s been a labor of love for the past year.

What’s new with all of you guys? When will you be seeing your beau next? 🙂

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