Back to Skype and Letters


So hard being back to Skype after 3 wonderful weeks of the real thing! But we are both just sooo happy. We had the best trip to date and our relationship is the strongest it’s ever been. If only he were here or I was there :p. He said he was hoping I was gonna surprise him at the airport and say “I’m coming with you!” He saw my suitcase in the laundry room and was lifting it to see if it felt heavy enough to have stuff in it :p Cheeky bugger hahah. I wish!

I booked my trip for Christmas time though so I’m insanely excited for that as I get to spend a whole month with him :D.

It’s been a little harder since he went home because he was away for the weekend and couldn’t get signal good enough to Skype. But he did send me an adorable and hilarious photo with his friends :p. One of my favourite things we do to feel close is to send each other photos throughout the day now and then. How did people do it before technology!?! It also stinks because he recently bought a house and I’m missing out on all the excitement! I just wanna be there helping to paint and garden.

Made me laugh :p
why aren’t you here in my bed!?!

Also the last two days he’s been away with work and we haven’t been able to Skype, and I miss his face so much! We’re used to Skyping everyday so I miss him even more, but I’m not sad. I’m the luckiest girl ever just to have him in my life even if I don’t get to see him nearly enough. Our plan is to close the distance in the spring so there’s definitely a light at the end of the tunnel :). I’ve spent the last few days making lists of what I want to bring with me and what I want to sell and looking into possible work for when I get there. I can’t wait for us to be together everyday, I just love that British man :).


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