Sweet LDR Surprises Part 5

Here it is! 25 MORE things you can send your loved one to show them the love :).


1. I’ve always thought it would be so romantic to be sent on a scavenger hunt around town, so naturally I thought about how I could send my better half on one. Since we live 3,000 miles away I created this long distance scavenger hunt. I hid clues in letters and gifts I’d send him and in online places then wrapped up some clues and a locked box in an “Open When You’re Bored” envelope. I left little goodies along the way and the last clue told him where to find the key to unlock the mysterious box. For details on how exactly I pulled this off check out the post below:

LDR Scavenger Hunt!

22. morphthing

2. Feeling bored? Wondering what yours and your boyfriends faces would look like mashed together? Well then you’re in luck! Go to Morph Thing.com, upload two photos and voila! You’re instantly ugly! This could be a worthwhile waste of ten seconds of your life.

23. key to heart

3. Send your love a key “to my heart.” Well, isn’t that a-gosh-darn-dorable.


4. Send some childhood photos with your next letter! Remember the days when we used to print these things out? Yeah, those! Disclaimer:  yes, the horseback-riding bunny-squeezer is me as a youngin.

25. lovegram

5. Perhaps don’t send this with the childhood photos (that might get confusing and weird), but at some other point, send your man a PantyGram! You could DIY it or you can go to the website below and they will send a pair of lacy undergarments to your man along with a login to their website where you’ll have left a sizzling note. Something that goes on your lady bits AND mystery? Your stud will love it :).


27. birch bark

6. Carve yours and your lovers initials into a scrap of birch bark and frame to make a lovely keepsake that will remind them of you whenever they see it. Such a creative take on the old photo and frame.


28. order soup

7. When your sweetie is feeling under the weather, call or online-order some soup to be delivered to their door. I spent half a day trying to do this for my man and as it turned out the place had no driver that day. In fact they kept telling me: “you pick up! You pick up!” I had to explain I couldn’t pick it up as I was in another country. It’s the thought that counts right people? :p

29. spa certificate

8. If your honey is having a rough week or as a “just because” treat send your lover to the spa for some relaxation, on you. You can book most spa’s online and they can email the certificate to you or straight to your loved one’s email.

30. heart glow

9. If you’re looking for a little something to throw in an envelope with your love letter you could include a glow stick with the sweet message “You make my heart glow!” Because things that glow are just better than things that don’t glow.

31. edible arrangement

10. Flowers are always a sweet idea but change things up by sending an edible bouquet! It’s almost too pretty to eat. Almost. *nom nom nom* A quick google search of “edible arrangements” or “edible bouquet” should hook you up with one of these in your area.

32. roly poly

11. The Roly Poly is another cool long distance technological advancement in the works. It is comprised of 2 egg-shaped pairs. When one lover moves theirs the other one mimics the movement. That way it can feel like there is a ghost in your house and when you go to bed (alone of course) you can lie awake being creeped out. Seriously though, it’s kinda neat. Just, maybe don’t watch the Poltergeist before bed.


33. latitude pillows

12. DIY these sweet longitude/latitude pillows and send one to your lovebugger. And hopefully one day they will be at either end of the same couch :).

tutorial: http://craftingrebellion.blogspot.ca/2012/04/latitude-longitude-pillow.html

34. orbit cam

13. There have been so many days when I wished I had a webcam that follows you around the room. Voila! There is such a thing! The Logitech QuickCam Orbit AF follows your movement as you Skype. Brand new one of these babies will cost you your baby (or about 400$ )but you can find used ones *cough amazon cough* for under $100.

35. add ice cream

14. Send your sweetie this sweet “just add ice cream!” kit. It’s got all the fixins to make their next ice cream extra special (except for, of course, the ice cream part).

36. return address stamp

15. These custom return address stamps will add a touch of flair to your future love letters. However at $60 I’d make sure I wasn’t moving anytime soon!


37. custom calendar

16. Make a free customized printable calendar online; print one for you and one for your butterfly-pumpernickel-loaf-monkey-butt so that the two of you can cross off the days together. Me and my S.O. did this on the last month before our last visit :). *the edit bits don’t show up on the printout. There are a few sites you can use: I used Print With My Pic


38. love letter

17. I love this idea to use Popsicle sticks for your next love letter! Paste a photo on the front, marker a sweet message on the back; cut apart and voila! Instant puzzle 🙂


39. state to state mug

18. Love this custom state-to-state quote mug. You can also DIY these (check out the original post on Sweet LDR Surprises).


40. bookmark

19. Use a photostrip of you (or you and your loved one!) and turn it into an awesome bookmark! Add cardstock to the back, laminate and add a string with a cute bead or charm on the end :).


42. flags

20. Exchange flags! My man and I sent each-other our countries’ flags and have them hanging in our rooms. Love seeing the union jack there whenever I go into my room and seeing the Canada flag on his end when we Skype :).

44. drawing

21. Have an artist draw a sketch of you and your loved one; or DIY it if you’re artsy! Or have a photo of the two of you blown up and printed on canvas at a local print shop.

45. postmark 43. 2 maps heart

48. etsy jewellery 49. bracelet

22. There are SO many LDR-inspired jewelry pieces and custom pieces on etsy. These are just a few. I love the idea of a vintagey postmark to commemorate an important milestone, and the other items are sweet too.

Postmark necklace ($32): postmark necklace on etsy

Double map heart necklace ($49): Double Map on etsy

Plane and World matching necklaces ($42): Plane & World necklaces

Latitude/Longitude bracelet: L/L bracelet on etsy

46. countdown clock

23. Send your baby a countdown clock so that you can see just how slowly the time passes while you are apart! Or just how far you’ve come each day. Whether you look at the glass half full or half empty, the point is there is always room for more wine. I stole that from an Ecard. $12.95


47. paper decoration

24. Follow the tutorial below to make this lightweight paper heart decoration with a love note inside for your S.O. 🙂

tutorial: http://sausagejar.blogspot.ca/2012/01/diy-paper-heart-decoration.html

picjoshsentatsoccer picshure

25. This is one of my favourite things that we do to stay close and it’s so simple. Every now and then we’ll send a picture to the other; sometimes they are silly, sometimes they are sweet,  sometimes it’s of the moon or a good dinner or something we think the other would like, but it just makes me feel connected; like I’m a part of his day. I get a kick out of when him and his friends pose for a photo and send it to me… it’s nice to know that even though I can’t be there and even though they don’t know me that well they make an effort to include me. It’s the little thoughtful things that make a relationship so magical and I’m so blessed to have a man that shows me everyday how much I am appreciated and loved. And I love and appreciate the heck out of that handsome bugger right back :).

I hope these suggestions have been useful! Best wishes to all you brave long distance lovers, and stay tuned for my upcoming dramedy novel “The LDR Diaries.”

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5 thoughts on “Sweet LDR Surprises Part 5

    1. Wow, that is a long time! How often do you get to see your significant other? I can’t wait to close the distance with my man in the next year… the distance seems to get harder as time goes on. Thank goodness for mail and technology in the meantime though 🙂

      1. He had a 16-day vacation here in the Philippines last 2012. And that’s the only time we’ve get to spend time together physically. But we’re communicating on Skype everyday. We’re also planning to close the gap next year and I can’t wait!

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