Closing the Distance Issues Sorted :)


We’ve come to a compromise on our living arrangements and are both happy. I will live in his house with a friend of his, he will come home on weekends and also at least one night through the week for a date night. Can’t wait for Wednesday night ballroom dancing classes with my man! 🙂

We are both feeling so much happier and less stressed. He’s also happy not to be renting to strangers and that he will be able to live in it at least part-time as he’s gotten attached to the house. I knew we would figure out something. What a load of stress off our shoulders. 🙂 Looking forward to the move again, and closing this 3,000 mile distance!

England here I come!


7 thoughts on “Closing the Distance Issues Sorted :)

  1. Wonderful news, congratulations!
    I am myself preparing to permanently close the distance, so I understand how you feel or were feeling when you wrote the initial closing the distance post. My SO and I temporarily closed the distance last year. I went to Germany, we lived together for the 6 months I stayed there and I also took german classes. It was more like a trial. A way to somehow prepare for the future: see how well we do living under the same roof, how we fix problems together, facing everyday challenges, how I like the small town he lives in and so on. We are now married and in less than two months I am moving back to Germany. I’ve lived abroad before, so, theoretically moving shouldn’t be an issue. Surprisingly it’s been an issue this time: I am feeling extremely guilty of moving away from my family, specially from my mother. She is my best friend and she will be living alone once I move.! Not only that, but I am ridiculously afraid of not finding a job, having a hard time making friends. Which is silly of me and I hate such thoughts :(. I want to think it is normal to feel the way I do and reading your first post helped to realize I am not alone. Thank you for sharing and good luck with everything. Please keep us updated!

    1. I’m also glad that I am not the only one. Thank you for your reply! Like you, I’m really nervous about the making friends thing. I’ve always had a hard time making good friends and was lucky enough to make two really amazing friends in high school whom could never be replaced. They are just the best.

      After highschool I went to Uni and thought I would make a million friends; I couldn’t wait to meet new people, but in my four years I never actually made any new friends. I made acquaintances but no one that really clicked with me I guess. It’s made me appreciate the amazing friends that I do have but it’s also made me pretty wary of trying to make new friends. It’s so hard to find people that will put equal effort into a friendship.

      I’m also scared about the job situation, and money but I know my man won’t let me starve or live in a cardboard box or anything :p. In the end everything will work out for the both of us and we will look back and wonder why we stressed so much. I hope!

      Too bad you’re not moving to England then we could be friends! lol

      Thanks for sharing your story with me, always nice to know I’m not alone 🙂 Best wishes to you and your man!

  2. To be honest with you, I was a little worried when I read the other post. (I even talked about it with my love). I’m glad things are looking better now 🙂

    About the dancing classes, I think that’s the perfect activity to do together. I can’t wait to have that with my man.

    I am happy for you guys!

    1. I wasn’t too worried as I knew we would figure something out, but it was stressful for a few days. We know challenges are going to arise from time to time but we’re pretty good at working things out. We have each-others happiness at heart and that’s the main thing 🙂

      And thanks, I have always wanted to take ballroom dancing (I took it for a very short time with a guy friend in highschool) but its soo hard to find a guy that will go! When Josh and I first got together I asked if he’d take dancing with me and he said “if it would make you happy, of course I would.” Thought that was so sweet and now I’m holding him to it haha

      I hope you and your man can close the distance soon too!

    1. I’m soo happy too. The past few days we’ve been busy getting his new house ready (getting furniture, installing things, working in the garden) it’s been so much fun, I don’t want to go home! 🙂

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