We’re Going to Italy!

skype15The bad news is we’re back to Skype for a few months. The good news is we’re going to Italy! I am SO excited. As soon as I got home from the surprise birthday visit to England we’ve starting thinking about what we wanna do the next time we’re together. Seeing as I’ll be spending a month there and Josh will have 3 weeks off from work we wanted to do a trip to either France or Italy.

colloseum rome

I found a very cheap flight through Ryanair and a reasonable, centrally-located hotel in Rome, so for 300$ each our flight and 4 nights accomodation are covered. I cannot wait to travel to one of the most romantic and beautiful cities in the world with the boy that I love to bits. Josh has never been there and I have wanted to go back for the past 12 years. Thoughts of sampling vinegars while strolling through the Campo Di Fiori market, touring the Colloseum and nibbling on pasta are consuming my mind today.


How is this my life? I am seriously the luckiest girl in the whole world. No matter where we are, things would be magical with my man by my side, but this is just incredible.

I would love to take a cooking class or go on a winery tour of Tuscany but we will have to save our pennies for one of those. There’s also a Ghosts and Mysteries evening tour that looks interesting.

Anyone have any tips on what to see/do and eat in Rome? 🙂

Wishing all you other long distance lovers lots of love and adventures xx


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