Mulberry Italian Ristorante: Lackawanna, New York


My man and I love food; we also love the show Diners, Drive-ins and Dives and that is how we heard about this little slice of heaven. Hidden in the middle of a quiet suburban street is this taste of Italy called Mulberry Italian Ristorante.

It is located in Lackawanna, New York and it was worth crossing the border for (even though we got held up for an hour at the border on account of my man having a British passport!). The walls inside are filled with neat memorabilia; famous people who have visited, old jerseys, posters of vintage icons, Titanic newspaper clippings are just a few things you will find inside.



And the food! Oh, the food. We were brought a basket of bread as soon as we were seated which was lovely. We ordered the meatball and caprese salad to start. This was the juiciest, tastiest, moistest flavour-packing meatball I have ever tasted. Wow!


The caprese salad was perfection. The in-house made mozzarella was everything I had been craving and the portion was generous. It had a great combination of flavours with the creamy mozzarella, light oil, savoury vinegar, crunchy tomatoes and the amuse bouche of pickled red onion. I virtually licked the plate clean.


The lasagna for me was good but not great. The texture was a bit soft (almost mushy) so I would try something else on the menu next time. I’ve heard rave reviews about the lasagna however so we might have just caught it on an off night. The good news is if you do go for the lasagna you only need to order one between two people which considerably lowers your bill at the end of the night. It is mountainous! My man and I who are both big eaters only finished about half of our portions.

The service was the best service I have ever received at a restaurant. Our waitress was so quick and so friendly, and I cannot wait to visit this place again :). It’s been a few months and we are still talking about what an amazing place this is, and how it was some of the best food we have ever tasted. If you’re ever in the area, go! You won’t be disappointed.

Overall 5/5 stars!

Famous Mulberry Meatball -5$

Caprese salad -10$

Lasagna – 18$


Diners, Drive-ins and Dives: 



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