Look What I Found in My Mailbox :)

Got a nice surprise when I opened my mailbox today :D. T. Swift is my favourite and it seems like every time one of her cd’s come out it’s on a week where I’m short on dollars. I mentioned to my man that when I got my next paycheck I was gonna get it, but he beat me to it. I thought that was very thoughtful. As I don’t have an antenna on my car I’ve had her RED cd playing nonstop since it came out (like 2 or 3 years ago?) lol.


Can’t wait to get in my car later and listen to the rest of it. I’m one lucky girl :).

Not too long ago I sent him a little something in the mail. If you go to the Cadbury website you can customize a chocolate bar or box of chocolates for your sweetie which I thought was cool. He already ate the chocolate by the time I snapped this pic but this is the cardboard wrapper it came in :).


He makes me so happy 😀

Whats the last thing you sent or did for your loved one? Love hearing cute stories!

Stay tuned for my upcoming novel The Long Distance Diaries 🙂

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10 thoughts on “Look What I Found in My Mailbox :)

  1. This post made me realised that it’s been a long time since the last gift I sent him. It was a few months ago when he got the position of his current job. I sent him a Cross pen with a cute letter. And before that, I sent him Ferrero Rocher chocolates. We agreed to save as much as we can to “close the distance” faster, but it’s always nice to surprise your SO 🙂 As a matter of fact, I will start looking for his next gift 😛

    1. Those are nice surprises 🙂

      I have also not been sending quite as many gifts lately partly because we are seeing each-other more often and partly because we are also saving $. We have an expensive year ahead of us! And partly because I’ve been running around like a crazy person trying to apply for school and visa :p

      I would like to put together a little something again soon though; something inexpensive but thoughtful. I’ll have to get thinking :).

      1. Since I started blogging I believe you are the one who has sent more gifts than any other person here lol 🙂 keep it up!

        What type of Visa are you applying for? (curiosity) ^^,

      2. lol I try :p I just love making him smile :). I’m applying for the Youth Mobility visa, it’s good for up to 2 years and then we will have to apply for either some sort of other visa or a fiance visa.

        Do you know when you might be able to close the distance with your man? 🙂

      3. Oh I see.

        Yes, we are planning on getting engaged next year, and getting married in 2016.

        Until a month ago, our best option was to apply for the Fiancee Visa, but there is a tiny possibility of moving to USA with my family. If that happens (we hope it does), we would be in different States but at least in the same country 🙂

        We are thrill about the idea of living in the same country…but it is too soon to jump into conclusions.

      4. I hope that happens! I don’t know why countries make it so hard for people to move. My dad has a house in the States but he can only spend 6 months there in a year.

        Would be so nice to have your family and your loved one in the same place though; I know I’ll miss a lot of people from home when I move. Seems like I have two homes now.

        Either way I’m sure it will all work out for you two, would be nice if it’s sooner than later though I’m sure. Distance is okay for a while but you get to a point when you just want to wake up to them everyday!

        Best wishes to the both of you! xx

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