Quick Update :)


This past week has been suuuper busy! On Monday I was lucky enough to get a placement in a school (I need a minimum of 2 weeks experience to apply to teachers college in the UK). I started on Tuesday, helping out with a lovely grade 1 class and I absolutely love it. It has been so much fun; I feel like the job of being a teacher was made for me. I did my first craft with them yesterday; we made cootie catchers. It was so awesome to see them excitedly spelling and counting with them all afternoon.

Originally I had planned to do flight attending when I made the move to the UK, but my man suggested teaching. Back home in Canada it’s nearly impossible to get a job teaching as there is a high supply of teachers and a low demand for them which is in part why I never considered the career. The situation however is quite the opposite in the UK. The more I thought about it and the more I consulted friends and family the more I realized that it might be a perfect fit for my creative personality.


I have been running around like mad for a month tracking down diploma’s and mailing off for transcripts, getting my background check, researching schools, sending my qualifications to NARIC, trying to get a teaching placement, tracking down Uni professors for references, etc, etc,. I’m in a very tight time crunch as I only have about 4 weeks til I leave for the UK for Christmas and 2 of them will be spent working 70 hour weeks at my job, so I knew I had to get a teaching placement immediately if I wanted to get my hours (and application) in before I leave for the UK. Of course I wanted to start finding a placement last week then I got sick with a stomach flu, which didn’t help. I’m also hoping to do a teaching placement in the UK on my vacation there as they want you to have experience in a British state school.

I felt like a huge weight was lifted when I got the placement. I could not be more happy. My man keeps reminding me how proud he is of me, which is really nice :). He’s been very supportive. I know we will have many more hurdles in the near future between me applying to school, doing entrance interviews/tests if I get accepted to school, figuring out transportation to get me to school, me moving there, getting my visa and getting a job there but we are taking it one thing at a time. So many big changes coming soon.

Photo from my book reading at the Orangeville Library. Think I might wear the same outfit today it's so comfy :)
Photo from my book reading at the Orangeville Library. Think I might wear the same outfit today it’s so comfy 🙂

Unfortunately I’ve had to put editing my book The Long Distance Diaries to the side for the time being but I hope I will have some time in the next year to finish it up. Today I am doing a talk at the book festival of the local library on writing and self-publishing, so that should be fun. I would love to meet an illustrator who might work on some of my children’s stories with me. I would love to see some of my picture books come to life.

My man is travelling to Austria to learn how to snowboard at the moment. He has never skied or snowboarded before so I am hoping I won’t be visiting a cripple this Christmas :p. I hear it’s quite cold there so he might be getting a taste of what a Canadian winter feels like! Last week he was in Belgium for the day for a remembrance day ceremony/tour. Seems he’s always travelling somewhere! As you can see he’s also growing a “tash” (as he calls it) for Movember.

nov.13.2014  picture kisses!

picture kisses!

I’d better go get ready for the festival. Think I’ll also pack my suitcase tonight too as I have a very busy few weeks ahead. There ain’t no rest for the wicked ;).

How are you all doing? When will you be seeing your S.O. again? 😀


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