LDR Christmas Shopping, Austria and Packing Suitcases!


I have been kinda M.I.A. for a bit as I have become absolutely addicted to genealogy for the past 2 weeks. I have learned so much about my family’s history and I just wish I had asked my grandparents more when they were alive. I got hooked after watching the show “Who Do You Think You Are” where famous people trace their lineage.

I have also been counting down the days until I head to England and Italy for Christmas! I already have one of two suitcases packed. It feels like a million years since I’ve seen my baby, I can’t believe it’s only been about 5 weeks. At least I have been busy working a ton of hours and he’s been busy learning to snowboard in Austria so that has helped the time move a little faster. Nice view, but I think I’d rather be looking at mounds of sand on a warm beach πŸ˜‰


We’ve decided to do joint presents for his family this year which makes me so happy cause it’s such a coupley thing to do :p. We’ve found some good deals online for presents; a good site to check out besides the usual amazon, ebay etc,. is Groupon. You can get tons of deals for dinners, entertainment, spas, anything really.


I really appreciate all the little things that make our relationship so wonderful. Things as simple as signing a card together and doing joint presents, or how he calls his house “our house” or how he sends me a thoughtful message each morning. I can’t tell you how much joy he has brought into my life. I literally go to bed smiling every night and wake up smiling every morning feeling like the luckiest girl in the world. I am the luckiest girl in the world. I am so in love with him and he is so good to me :).


My man and I both agree that we’ve never felt closer. Even though we were smitten from the first moment it took us a while to really find our relationship groove and to develop a deep connection to one another. I am so thankful we stuck through all those phases to get here. There’s no feeling that the other is a stranger anymore. We are so in step emotionally, physically, everything.

God I miss him. I just wanna be all packed and on my way to him already!

I’m going to be packing so many Canadian treats in my suitcase I don’t know how I’ll have room for anything else! A few things you won’t find in Jolly Old England but you may find in my suitcase:


Isn’t this awesome? Love the maple leaves all over the box. I just discovered it today :p


Dill Pickle flavoured Pringles or Chips. I’ve been asked by one of his friend’s specifically for these :p


Mmmmm. Ketchup chips. Last year I sent these to two of Josh’s friends however I found out recently that instead of the one friend giving the other friend his belated Christmas gift he just ate all his treats and never told him. So I’m gonna give them straight to said friend this time :p

ice wine

Ice wine! Another Canadian export. I might miss the wine but I won’t be missing the ice when I move in the spring :p.

PEPSICO CANADA - The Miss Vickie's brand Celebrates 25 Years

I hope I can fit these babies in my suitcase. These are the most addictive chips EVER. I eat about a bag of them a week.


My favourite, favourite, favourite, favourite chocolate bar! I never realized until right now how sexual the name sounds. When I move I will bring a suitcase dedicated to Oh Henry’s and Miss Vickies chips alone.


My man’s family loves Jolly Ranchers ever since he brought some home from Florida so I’ll have to bring some of these for stocking stuffers :).

I also wanna have a Canadian food night and make them Poutine, Deep Fried Dill Pickles, and roast S’mores. They did not know what S’mores were. WHAT DID THEY DO IN THEIR CHILDHOODS!?!

poutineΒ  dillpickles smores

This means I’ll also have to put graham crackers in my suitcase as to buy a box of them there costs $9.81 Canadian. I can get them here for $1. A box of Kraft dinner will also cost you $10 in England (rather than .79 cents). CRAZY!!!!! Of course things also go the other way as things that are super cheap in England cost a bomb here.

When will you be seeing your S.O. again? Are you packing any special treats? πŸ™‚




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