The Old Spaghetti Factory: Toronto, Canada


This has been one of my all-time favourite restaurants since I was a little girl, so of course I had to take Josh here when he visited last August. The food here is good and very reasonably priced (especially being in Toronto!), but the real magic of the Old Spaghetti Factory is the space. It’s decor is so creative and filled with history; every crevice of this place has a story to tell.

You can eat in the middle of a carousel…


You can eat on a streetcar…


You can eat at a sewing machine, or in a bed, or you can make a very important pretend phonecall in their British phone box…


They even have a confession box in the restaurant. So you can go and confess that you ate way too many carbs after dinner.

Basically the whole place is really fun. Okay, now the food… right. We came here to eat. Focus.

All of the entrees come with either minestrone or garden salad, bread and butter, ice cream and tea or coffee! I opted for the salad while Dad and my honey got the Minestrone. Both of them said it was the best minestrone they’d ever had. They literally went on about how great it was for ages! (Dad’s not normally a minestrone fan). My salad wasn’t particularly memorable but was perfectly fine. I say it wasn’t memorable because I honestly cannot remember if I had the garden salad or upgraded to a Caesar.


For dinner we of course had pasta! I had the Spaghetti Bolognese; I believe Josh had the Spaghetti with Spicy Meat Sauce. He didn’t find it particularly spicy, but then I am under the impression he has no taste buds left, as he consistently buys and eats the hottest sauces ever made. I enjoy their spaghetti but it’s not anything new or groundbreaking; it’s similar to something you’d throw together at home. But that’s not why we come here anyway!


For my Spaghetti with Meat Sauce (salad, bread, tea, ice cream) ONLY $13.75.

Spaghetti with Spicy Meat Sauce (and all the extras): $13.75


Their full menu:

And after dinner we toured around some more and found this beautiful religious stained- hey wait a minute are they wearing blue Jays caps? This was too perfect having just come from the longest Blue Jays game in history (7 hours).


And we found this cool old vault


Overall I award this gem 4/5 stars and I hope to go back many, many more times.


2 thoughts on “The Old Spaghetti Factory: Toronto, Canada

  1. It’s weird, the Old Spaghetti Factory was one of my favourite restaurants, but the last time I was there (3 years ago) the food was pretty terrible. Maybe it was just a bad night….I do agree though that the decor is interesting 🙂

    1. Hmm, hopefully just a bad night! Mine tasted just as I remember it. I went once when I was probably five, went again about 4 years ago and then this August. If I lived closer I’d definitely go more often. Maybe you’ll give it another try one day 🙂

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