Review: The Dyke’s End in Reach, Cambridgeshire


A couple weeks back my boyfriend and I with some of his family tried out a quaint little restaurant in the town of Reach, Cambridgeshire and did it ever deliver. It has a lovely small town feel; you have to open the picket-fence gate into the courtyard. Inside there is a crackling fire, a classic bar, pine tables and an interesting selection of artwork.

We all shared a bottle of Rose which was light and sweet.

The food was absolute perfection (just what do you expect from a pub even the Prince of Wales approved of!). My man and I shared the baked Camembert special. I’d never tried cheese fondue before but I am an instant addict! I absolutely loved the cranberry sauce with it for a bit of added sweetness, and my man enjoyed the more tangy pickle on his toast. We ran out of bread before we ran out of cheese and they were kind enough to bring us a second selection of bread (though I do wish the second lot had been toasted like the first).


For my main course I had the Coq-Au-Riesling with Spaetzle and Vegetables. I have been a huge fan of spaetzle ever since a German friend of mine made me some years ago, but I have never seen it anywhere other than on her kitchen table so I was really excited to see it on a menu! It’s a type of German noodle and it is delicious.

The vegetables were impeccably cooked, and tasted very fresh and flavourful. I especially loved the sweet burst of the Chantenay carrots; they are probably the best carrots I’ve ever had. They brought the vegetables on a sharing dish for the table and I ended up having seconds and thirds. The chicken wasn’t as memorable as the rest of the dish was for me (I was expecting a breast rather than a leg), but it was perfectly tasty and moist and I ate up every bit of it.



For dessert we shared a Creme Brulee which was also delicious and had us scraping the dish to get every last drop.

I love the atmosphere at this little pub, the variety and uniqueness of the dishes, and the quality of the food. As you might expect, their prices are higher than what I would pay on a regular dinner outing. We were treated to this dinner by a very generous cousin. I should also mention that everyone in our party thoroughly enjoyed their meals.

La Grille Pinot Noir Rose: 14.50 pounds

Baked Camembert and Toast Selection Sharer: 9 pounds

Coq-au-Riesling with Spaetzle and Vegetables: 14.95 pounds

Mulled spice Creeme Brulee: 4.95 pounds


Overall I would really love to give this place 5 stars but because it is a little pricier than what I could normally afford I award this gem

4.5/5 stars


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