I Bloody Miss You


So I’ve been back “home” now for a little over four weeks; the thing is now my home feels like England and I miss it so much. I miss being with my man; I miss all the little couply things: cooking, cuddling, going for drives, even grocery shopping together. I miss coming home to our own, cozy little place. There aren’t words describe just how badly I want to be there right now.

I was just looking through some of our old Facebook messages. I can’t believe how quickly and easily we fell into this 3,000-mile relationship. Half jokingly after a week of chatting online and a couple Skype’s I’d said, “How about you come here this summer and I come there next summer!” And he said, “okay can you look up flights?” Just. Like. That. How crazy is that? But I’m so happy he came. Here I am two years later preparing to move to another country for love.

I found another of our chats that made me laugh. Oh how little we knew about each-other’s countries! I feel like we’ve come so far. I can’t believe there was ever a time I didn’t have a clue about England. The exchange went like this:

Me: What time is it there?

Him: 2:13am

Me: What! lol so you’ll be 5 hours ahead from now on? 😦

Him: Until your clocks change, ours went forward 1hr today 😦

Me: Ours went forward a couple weeks back…

Him: This sux

Oh how I miss him. Would give anything to just be there with him right now. On the plus side I find out at the end of this week (I hope!) if my visa went through. I am assuming that it will, so I hope I’m right.

My baby sent me a photo today while he was out bike-riding in the sunshine and I’m cooped up in the house under a blanket cause it’s like minus 30 outside. I’m so jealous! I’m going to a movie after work though so I can drown my sorrows in popcorn. When will you get to see your S.O. next?




2 thoughts on “I Bloody Miss You

  1. I can understand you perfectly, I just found your blog and I love it, My fiance is English and I am from Mexico and I have been back home for 2 weeks after spent 6 months with him and I feel so bad, I miss him like crazy, I am still getting used to Mexico again, becasue even when were just 6 months, those months were a lot and enough to get used to be around him all the time and seeing him everyday and be able to touch him and kiss him, hopefully we’ll be together again soon but we dont know exactly when yet. The only thing I can tell you is to be strong and see foward to your next visit 🙂

    1. 6 months must have been wonderful 🙂 I hope you will get to see your man again soon! It’s always harder when you don’t have a concrete date to count down to.

      Thanks for stopping by my blog, I’m glad you like it! Those English boys are worth the wait 😉

      Keep smiling

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