Review: Grazia & Graziella, Rome


When my man and I were in Rome in December my Italian uncle was there at the same time visiting his family. His nephew suggested this spot in Trastevere (walking distance from the heart of Rome) and was it ever worth the visit. The food here absolutely blew my mind; especially their appetizers.

I started off with the best Caprese salad I’ve ever had. The tomatoes were fresh and full-bodied and the mozzarella was absolutely to die for; creamy and delicious (9E). We also shared their foccacia and while I’m not usually a fan of crunchy Italian bread this stuff was unbelievable; we ordered a second round cause we couldn’t get enough (3.50E).



We also ordered a portion of their “French Fries Cheesy and Peppery” to share and while they didn’t look like much, I could not believe their punch of flavours. They are hands-down the best fries I’ve ever had; the seasoning and the feta combination were heaven (6E).


My man also tried their fried artichoke which he unexpectedly loved (5E). The bottle of white wine we all shared was sweet and lovely and came in one of those fancy chilled wine buckets.



For my main dish I ordered the Amatriciana pasta. The sauce had a delicious flavour but as is typical in Italy the pasta is very al dente; a bit on the crunchy side. Next time I might ask that it be cooked through a bit more but this is to be expected from any true Italian restaurant (9E).


My man ordered clams with gnocci (a potato-based pasta). It wasn’t his favourite but he was happy to try something new :).



For dessert my uncle insisted we try their famous Tiramisu (a dessert which I don’t like very much) but their tiramisu was delicious! It had a creamy pudding with hints of vanilla, cinnamon and coffee and a cake-like component. This is the first Tiramisu I’ve really enjoyed as the coffee taste wasn’t overpowering and the pudding balanced it nicely (6.50E).



Honestly I would fly to Italy again just to eat here. It was by far the most delicious and authentic experience we had while visiting Rome. This place fulfilled all the culinary dreams I had about visiting this marvellous city and then some and the prices were fairly reasonable as well. You have to go!

5/5 stars


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menù Grazia interno inglese



2 thoughts on “Review: Grazia & Graziella, Rome

    1. Its always some little place on a sideroad that blows you away 🙂 ive wanted to visit tuscany ever since watching under the tuscan sun. One day!

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