Birthday and The Countdown


I had a lovely birthday dinner and movie on May 5th with some girl friends that I don’t get to see nearly enough (one of my besties just moved home from school!). The only thing that could have made it better is if my man were able to be there but he did send me a sweet card and it definitely melted my heart. 🙂


We have decided we will have birthday celebrations when I get there in June. basically I’m just working a lot and counting down the days, but I do have some awesome things to look forward to before I go and which should make the time pass pretty quickly. I’ll be visiting family in Nova Scotia and also taking the train (a real live train!) to Ottawa to visit friends before I leave. Because I’m always saving for trips to see my man I don’t get to do fun stuff with my awesome girlfriends very often so I am sooo excited for that :D.


My man is at our home working on the yard today (he keeps me updated through photos and Skype) and I just want to be there helping! He’s had two big pines cut down so we should get some sunshine in the backyard now and we want to hang a hammock from the stumps. Can’t wait to get our hands in the dirt, some paint on the fences, flowers and veggies and herbs in the garden, etc, etc,. It’s so wonderful to have our own little spot on the planet to be together and make our own.

Chilli plants my man is cultivating
Chilli plants my man is cultivating
Measuring space for our future hammock 🙂
His T-shirt he forgot at my house that I cuddle every night <3
His T-shirt he forgot at my house that I cuddle every night ❤

What is new in the lives of all you other long distance lovers? 🙂


2 thoughts on “Birthday and The Countdown

  1. Happy belated birthday! Nice that you were able to spend it with friends. Looking forward to hearing more about your travels. Isn’t it fun to think about the life you want to create?

    1. Thanks Jane 🙂

      It is definitely fun thinking about and creating the life you want. So many of my friends say “I wish I were a kid again,” and I always say, “why would you want to be a kid? You can’t stay up late, can’t make your own decisions, can’t eat the junk food you want, can’t drive, ect, ect,.” Then they always say, “well I don’t miss those things!” Being an adult is like being a kid but being able to do the things you want. There’s more responsibility but so much more freedom and it definitely doesn’t have to be less fun.

      Being an adult is the most fun I’ve ever had :).

      Just today I was looking through Facebook and thinking how far everyone has come from the shy, self-conscious, lost bunch we were. Now everyone is getting married and having babies and travelling and getting the jobs they’ve always wanted and buying first homes… it’s an exciting time :).

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