Getting a Job in England


So now that I’m all settled in here it’s time to start that scary search for a new job! I’ve also come down with a wicked sinus infection and cant seem to find a sinus rinse anywhere. Thats the thing about living in a new country; when you pop to the shop for something it often isnt there!

I dropped off a few resumes (eerr cv’s) in town (a lady at Sainsbury’s had no idea what I meant when I asked if I could leave a resume so that took a moment for us to sort out!). I also tried to open a bank account but I’ll have to wait until I get my national insurance number. A lot of the stores won’t accept resumes and get you to apply online and as I was feeling a bit feverish and sickly anyway I headed home.

I was getting a bit discouraged as most jobs want you to have a license of some sort and the internet kept cutting out on me but then I stumbled across my dream job! A town not far away is looking for an archives assistant and as I have a very keen passion for genealogy,  local history, helping people and preservation of information it would be the most perfect fit. I’m hoping and praying for an interview. I’ve applied online but I think I may take the train down to tell them in person how much I want this job. I just wish I were feeling a bit better. Wish me luck!!


5 thoughts on “Getting a Job in England

  1. Archives assistant! I used to do that kind of work when I lived in Los Angeles. I’m catching up on your posts in the correct order, so I don’t know if you’ve heard back from them or not, but I’m really hoping you have!!

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