A Stroll Through Beautiful Cambridge

I’m getting to be a pro at taking trains; something I never thought I’d be doing much of. The other day I took one into Cambridge to check out a job that I really want, and was able to see some beautiful sights along the way.poppiesThere are wild poppies that grow in the fields and alongside the roads but I wasn’t able to get a good photo from the train. I’ve never seen poppies growing wild in Canada; they are really beautiful.

concreteAnother thing very different from back home are remnants of the world wars, like these concrete structures you sometimes see in fields which were used as lookouts during the war. Very haunting.


train2Beautiful views of historic Ely from the train. Ely Cathedral in the background.

train3An odd sight are these fields of solar panels, which seem a bit funny¬†considering England gets virtually no sun. Honestly, I’ve forgotten what a blue sky looks like!



cambridge4As I was nervously following my printed directions I suddenly recognized where I was as I passed the Regal nightclub that I had gone to with my sweetie on my first trip to England and the Nando’s where we’d had lunch on the very first day I came to England a year and a half ago. I couldn’t help but feel a little sentimental thinking back to that day, reminiscing on how far we’ve come and wondering if I had any inkling then that I would be moving to this strange, beautiful, exciting new country in the not-so-distant future.


cambridge6Punting is a very popular thing to do in Cambridge; the river runs along the backside of the oldest Universities and it’s very pretty. It’s on my to-do list!





cambridge10I seemed to stumble upon beauty everywhere I looked.

cambridge11There’s also a chain store here called “Thing Me Bobs” that my dad wanted me to take a photo of and send to him, as he thought it was hilarious. I remember seeing a Thing Me Bobs on my first trip to England a year and a half ago and thinking how very British it was :). It’s become my go-to shop!

thing me bobs

What countries have you visited? What sights were the most memorable?


One thought on “A Stroll Through Beautiful Cambridge

  1. Thing – Me – Bobs…hahahahahaaa!!!! So glad you included the photo.

    I would love to go back to Barcelona (architecture, food, beaches), Tuscany (countryside, food), the Highlands in Scotland are pretty spectacular, and the Yorkshire Dales are very poetic…

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