Living in England: Beach Day, I Got A Job :)


I’ve been living in the UK for a little under 3 weeks now. I am adoring it here. My man has been away a lot due to work but the time we have got to spend together has been so special :).

I’ve found a part-time job in a tea shop (how British!) and I’m really enjoying it. I work with a great bunch of girls and hope to make some friends there. I’m still looking for another part-time job however as I’m only getting a few hours a week. It is a perfect fit for me however as I love teas (my better half and I have an entire shelf just for teas at home).


My man (who was supposed to be away for 3 weeks) was able to unexpectedly come home a few days ago for the day and we spent a lovely day at Hunstanton beach :). I even tried a bite of fish and mushy peas.


Most days I’ve been out in the yard weeding, planting, watering and laying grass seed and doing bits around the house. I can’t wait until my man can spend some more time at home and we can put a proper garden in. I’m fascinated by watching things grow.


They are having a MAJOR heat wave this past week. It is 33 degrees today which is lovely but a bit hot inside with no air conditioning (most homes here don’t have air conditioning). Luckily it has cooled down enough at night to sleep. There’s an ice cream truck that goes by at least 5 times a day, I really ought to get an ice cream one of these days!

Tonight I’ll be making homemade lemonade to beat the heat 🙂

British words/phrases of the day:

redders: hot!

threaders: freaking out/Not feeling good

flapping: freaking out

Spag. Bol: Spaghetti Bolognese

cheeky ones: alcoholic beverages

Settee: couch

Scoff: food

Screw the nut: work harder

Sweet as a nut: when something good happens

Ta: Thanks

What’s your favourite British word/phrase? Cheerio! xx


6 thoughts on “Living in England: Beach Day, I Got A Job :)

  1. Ah I’m so happy for you. Closing the distance is always the perfect ending in a LDR. My favorite English phrase is “pissed” which means drunk in England but to Americans it means mad/annoyed which can be a bit confusing.

    1. thank you! Im soo happy here 🙂 and yes I’ve heard that used both ways. They have a lot of words for drunk here (not surprising as they like their drink lol). The one I hear most often is “steaming”

  2. Looking forward to seeing the progress of your garden (I love watching things grow, too)!

    I like how you have listed several phrases for ‘freaking out’, haha. Favorite British phrase/word?: ‘love’ – as in ‘Hello, love’.

    Well, I have to go – it’s getting redders, and if I don’t get some cheeky ones I’m going to start flapping.

  3. I have acquired quite a few more tomato plants and a zucchini plant (here they call zucchini “courgette”). I have been trekking soil and plants and garden tools through town everyday; soon I think I’ll be known in our small town as the “crazy plant lady.”

    I love that you also love watching things grow. I hurry outside every morning to see if my peppers have grown and if my tomato plants are flowering yet.

    I also love how they use “love” here, it’s so cute. You’re really getting the hang of this British lingo!

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