England Updates: We Have A Haunted Painting

Roses, roses everywhere! Took this photo as I was walking through town 🙂

The past week or two has consisted of practicing patience and keeping busy as I’m waiting for my man to get back from a work trip.

In his absence many a critter has decided to move in and keep me company. As our roommate is as afraid of bugs as I am, I believe they are telling all their friends to move in at the house that doesn’t kill bugs (instead we pathetically cower on the backs of couches).

In the past week I have seen in this house: a centipede, 3 crickets, 2 baby spiders, an enormous slug (I didn’t know such horrors existed!), a hornet, and a big and very quick spider I’ve named Fred.

fred  fred2

^^ That’s Fred. Sometimes he leaves messages on our new whiteboard to scare our roommate Ben. When he gets really bored he draws faces on all the eggs in the fridge (or wait, maybe that was me).


As if bugs descending on our home is not bad enough, we have the creepiest painting known to man hanging in our kitchen. It was picked up for 50 cents at a car boot sale (obviously haunted).

My man likes it, however our roommate and I are quite convinced that something will crawl out of this painting and kill us in our sleep, so he’s agreed to let us get rid of it.  The picture doesn’t even do justice to the creepiness of this painting.

Other ways I’ve been keeping busy are writing postcards home:postcards


And watering the plants and watching them grow 🙂 This is a photo of my sweetie’s pepper plants that he sent me back when I was living in Canada in early May:


This is them about a week – two weeks after I arrived (mid-late June):




And this is them now!



I’ve also acquired quite a few more tomato plants…





I’ve started to make friends with the girls I work with at the tea shop so that’s been really nice. We all went out for Indian the other night. Mostly I’m just waiting excitedly to be back in my man’s arms.

I have a little surprise for him when he gets back 🙂


British Words of the Day:

Peckish: hungry

Satinav: GPS

Spring onion: green onion

Courgette: Zucchini

Aubergine: Eggplant

Steaming: drunk

Lost the plot: went crazy

Fizzy drink: pop/soda

Poorly: under the weather

Rapid: fast

Have you ever had something you thought was haunted?






5 thoughts on “England Updates: We Have A Haunted Painting

  1. Wow, where do I begin?? First of all, Fred is hilarious! Wish he would invite me to a party, though. I feel like I’m pretty brave, but I HATE slugs. I accidentally touched one once and screamed (and laughed in horror) like you wouldn’t believe. I caught a salamander/newt in my house the other day and tossed it back into the garden. I’m sure it is already plotting to find its way back inside.

    Your plants!! They look incredible! Looks like they’re getting plenty of sun and love.

    That painting! I think it’s creepy because dozens of killers are hiding behind the trees. I’ve never thought something was haunted, but I have a handful of friends who believe in and have ghost stories. I want to see a ghostly event, but then I think it’s better if I don’t…

    1. Thank goodness I haven’t had a Fred sighting in a few days. A friend of ours did find a beetle in his shoe the other day though (after he put it on).

      I honestly did not know such horrors existed; when he said there was a slug in the kitchen I thought it would be a little snail. Had no idea they could be that big. Can hardly sleep at night!

      Thank you! I’m always out looking at the plants and watering, I love it. Just came in from watering them :p There are now 4 or 5 tomato plants with flowers or buds on them… I’m way too excited about it! lol

      Hahah I have the same theory about that painting! Also one night there were loud bangs (sounded like coming from downstiars) for about an hour in the middle of the night. Was so loud it shook the house and my bed. I almost called the cops I was so scared. Didn’t figure out what it was but it was probably the painting!

      One of Josh’s friend’s said he wants to buy it, I said I’d pay him to take it! lol

      1. I have the feeling we’ll be sharing a lot of bug/critter stories. I guess the good thing about a slug is that they move slow (although the horror is in slow motion) – I don’t like it when thing scatter so fast that I can’t catch them and have no idea where they went!

        I hope Josh’s friend has already taken the painting from you…

      2. “The horror is in slow motion” made me crack up :p You have a way with words lol

        Unfortunately the painting is still here and still creepy, I plan to pawn it off on said friend this weekend. Muahahaha

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