Recipes, Gardening and 2 Years Together :)


This past weekend my sweetheart and I celebrated two years together :). Technically it’s 2 years 3 months, but we decided to make our anniversary for after we’d met (I also really wanted a summer anniversary as opposed to one in March when it’s cold and I’m usually sick :p).

We planned to go to a restaurant in town but when we got there it was closed, so we decided to spontaneously get train tickets to Cambridge. After buying the tickets we realized the train to Cambridge was cancelled and the last train home leaves at 9 (which didn’t give us enough time). So instead we jumped on a train to scenic Ely to look for a restaurant. And did we ever find one!

We had such a magical night at The Almonry Restaurant and Tea Room, tucked away in a garden overlooking the magnificent Ely cathedral. It’s a wonder we happened upon it. It was so beautiful it didn’t seem real. The wine and ornate food was flowing and we felt like royalty for an evening :).

Full review of the Almonry here: The Almonry Restaurant, Ely, Review



We also got down to work in the garden, and by we, I mean mostly my man :p. He worked super hard while I was at work on Saturday digging up the backyard where we are to put our garden. We bought a quality shovel and he dug up all sorts of roots and bricks and boulders and sifted pebbles out of the soil.

backyard backyard2



This weekend we’ll be digging a small trench to lay some wood siding into, to frame the garden, back filling it with soil, and finally getting all those plants of mine in the garden! The ones I put in large pots are growing insanely well but the rest are stunted in their little pots and need to get in the soil. I may have bought more veggie plants on the weekend also. I may have a problem ;).

I’ve also been organizing my recipe’s as of late and printing out all sorts of new and exciting ones I want to try. I tend to get stuck into eating the same 4 or 5 dishes over and over and thought it would be great to have all my recipe’s on cards in the kitchen to peruse on night’s when we can’t decide what we want. Plus I’m converting all the temperatures from Ferenheit to Celcius since the oven’s here use different degrees.



Now I just need to find some sort of cute tin to store them in 🙂

We had one sighting of Fred the Jedi Spider on the weekend and my man bravely brought him outside. Phew!

He definitely deserves a kiss for that!

British words of the day:

Smarmy: snobby/annoying

Chav: Some sort of stereotype. From what I can understand they wear tracksuits and sideways ballcaps. I don’t think there is a Canadian equivalent. Guido maybe?

Gypsy/Pikey: travelers, often known for stealing things. This is a word I haven’t ever heard used to describe anyone in Canada and when I first heard it in England, Esmerelda from the Hunchback of Notre Dame came to mind. I thought gypsies were extinct?

Knackered: tired

Cream Crackered: tired

Hard: tough (used to describe a person) ie; “He’s well ‘ard!”

Fit: attractive

Yank: American

Fridge-freezer: fridge

Cooker: stove

Hoover: vaccuum cleaner



2 thoughts on “Recipes, Gardening and 2 Years Together :)

  1. What a beautiful spot for an anniversary celebration! Congratulations!

    Your garden is transforming…so exciting! I totally understand buying more and more plants. You don’t have a problem (because that would mean I have a problem, and I’m pretty sure we’re problem-free). Did Josh manage to remove that stubborn root?

    Chav…wonder where that word comes from. You mean those guys whose jeans are barely staying up?

    1. Thank you!

      Yes he was able to get it out! And a couple small tree roots I thought he’d never get out of there. A quality shovel and a little muscle power did the trick!

      I agree we are normal and problem-free, most likely 🙂

      As far as a “chav” I’m still not sure I fully grasp it!

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