Gardening, Horse Racing and Car Boot Sales

My man is home at the moment for a whole month which has been so incredibly wonderful. We are getting lots done around the house and in the backyard:









My tomatoes have also come out in the past two weeks and I’ve been running outside every morning to see their progress. Yesterday I discovered that my Zucchini/Courgette plant that I thought was dead has three teeny, tiny Zucchini’s growing on it!

toms toms2


We picked up a couple rose bushes and some purple flowers for the garden, and finally got our railway sleepers today to line the garden with! Spent the afternoon staining them together :).





roses3  purple railwaysleepers

We also picked up a couple badminton rackets and have had tons of fun rallying in the garden. I learned that they call birdie’s “shuttlecock’s” here. We’ve lost 3 to the hedge already.

Other highlights in the week have been visiting family, watching The Secret Garden, doing some baking, and I attended my first car boot sale (where a bunch of  people park cars in a field and sell things out of them). It was chaos! There must have been 500 people there.


I picked up a pot for my sunflower and a little toy double decker bus to send to my nephew back home.

And then there was the Newmarket Races; we had a lovely day getting all dressed up, drinking wine and placing little bets. I lost my 7£ but my better half won 80£. I finally got to wear my derby hat that my man bought me for my birthday :).







British Words/Phrases of the Day:

Shattered: tired

Shuttlecock: birdie

Get in!: Yes!

Could do: We could do that

Have done: I’ve done that

poorly: sick

Strimmer: weed wacker

Lorry: transport truck

Trainers: sneakers/runners

Duvet: comforter (My man thinks I’m weird for calling it a comforter :p)

Railway sleeper: railroad tie

CV: resume

Handbag: purse

Purse: wallet

What have you been up to lately? Are any of these strange British words new to you? What’s your favourite British word? 🙂




3 thoughts on “Gardening, Horse Racing and Car Boot Sales

  1. You two look so cute together!! And I’m loving the progress in the garden (I’m a sucker for before, during and after photos) – beautiful flowers and veg coming in!

    I’m about to attempt to make tomato jam today from some beautiful heirloom tomatoes I got at the farmers’ market. I’m determined to grow my own next year.

    British words: I’ve heard about half of them, but I think the handbag/purse thing would confuse me for quite a while. And why ‘strimmer’? Why not just ‘trimmer’? Interesting…

    1. Thanks 🙂 We were able to lay the sleepers in the garden yesterday; very frustrating trying to cut them with a hand saw, it was trying times! lol But glad it’s done now 🙂

      Mmm tomato jam; don’t know if I’ve ever tried that before, but I love tomatoes so I’m sure it will be yummy! I recently found a recipe for a tomato pickle from my great-great grandmother that I’ve been meaning to make.

      The handbag/purse thing is very confusing! I’m always grabbing the wrong thing if someone asks me to grab their “purse” for them :p I also feel the same about the strimmer thing :p Trimmer seems to make more sense but they like not making sense here 😉

      Hows your garden doing? Are you still loving your new place? I’m finding those black berries we both have in our backyards that were very sour are actually sweet now. I’m always eating them now 🙂

      1. It would be so cool to make a recipe that’s been handed down in your family! I hope you write about it if and when you do.

        My tomato jam turned out well (posting today)! I hope to be using my own tomatoes this time next year. I don’t think I’ll be starting any kind of veg garden until the spring. Blackberries: are you able to pick enough? I can’t find too many sweet ones; I think it’s a result of the drought here.

        Yes, loving my home! 😀

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