Bubblebaths and Stars

Last week was the last one before my man went back to work, and we definitely made the most of it.

One evening we went to the greyhound dog races which was surprisingly fun even though I lost about 10£. They went by so fast I never was able to snap one of them running.


On a particularly hot day we took a visit to Skegness; I finally dipped my toes in the ocean here and was it ever cold! We strolled up and down the beach, grabbed an ice cream and played games at the arcade.

skegness skegness3

If I fits, I sits
If I fits, I sits

But the best time we spent together were the times that didn’t cost a dime. One evening we had a lovely bubble bath (tried out our bathtub for the first time, only took us a year!), gave each-other massages and then fell asleep holding hands, watching Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. No autocorrect, not Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Kazan.


The next night we sat out in our yard all evening; watched the day turn into night… saw two pigeons kissing in a tree… aww how cute… wait what are they doing? One is on top of the other… oh. Googled if pigeons have penises. They don’t have them in case you were wondering. You’ll thank me one day during trivia when a pigeon fornication question comes up, as they do.

Couple ralaxing in a hammock and enjoying starry sky

We sat outside until the bats started fluttering overhead and then we looked up at the stars. Yes, it was romantic. I found the Big Dipper sitting just over our rooftop and it reminded me of how small the world is, and that home isn’t all that far away. After some confusion we determined that the Big Dipper is called “The Plough” in the UK. Which is ridiculous as it is clearly a soup pot. Then we snuggled up in our hammock and downloaded a stargazing app that you point at the sky, and it tells you about the different constellations.

I miss evenings with my man and waking up to his handsome face as he’s back to work this week. Think I’ll ‘give him a ring now.’

I can’t wait for the weekend when he’ll be back home with me :).

On a side note, I do have our roommate here for company; I tried Halloumi cheese for the first time tonight and he was excited to tell me his cheese joke. What did the cheese say to the mirror? “Halloumi.” It sounds like “Hello me.” Yes, British people are wierd charming.

British Words Of The Day:

The Plough: The Big Dipper

Houmous: hummus

Pitta: pita (they say pit-ta, we say it ‘pee-ta’)… don’t get me started on aluminium and oregano… and tomatoes… and…

Duvet: comforter (also if we do say duvet we put the emphasis on the VAY and they put it on the DO). DOvay vs. duVAY

Along the same lines I also find it hilarious when they say sausage rolls cause we say it SAUsage rolls and they say it sausage ROLLS which makes it sound as if they have just a touch of the Tourettes about them.

Fag: cigarette

Film: movie

Get stuck in: to do something enthusiastically

Gutted: disappointed/devastated

Ace: awesome

Simples: something you add at the end of a phrase that is easy to understand. This is because the British like to add words that aren’t needed, and take away words that are needed just to confuse everybody. Simples.

Dodgy: sketchy

Rubbish bin: garbage can

Prick: jerk

Jacket potato: baked potato

Get a leg over: to do the no-pants dance (the first person I heard use this phrase was my man’s nan. Having no idea what that meant I just smiled and nodded and was quite shocked to later find out what it meant!).

I’m off to Bedfordshire: I’m going to bed (I was going to translate that as “I’m off to sleep” then realized I’m still speaking British as I don’t think I’d have phrased it “I’m off to sleep” before… uh-oh…)

What’s your favourite free thing to do?

Are any of these crazy British words/phrases new to you? What’s your favourite British slang? Do you ever find yourself speaking British phrases without realizing it?!


3 thoughts on “Bubblebaths and Stars

  1. No. Oh, no no no – “jacket potato”?? I’m sorry, I can’t accept that phrase, haha! And I’m not sure if I want to know that answer to this, but what is the “no-pants dance” and what does it have to do with getting a leg over it? I’m confused.

    1. Hahah yes jacket potato is quite a funny phrase :p “getting a leg over” is just one of many british ways to refer to the ol ‘slap & tickle’ (sex) lol

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