I Met Some Fellow Canadians in Old Blighty!


So today has to be the most surreal day since I moved to England.

Having felt a few pangs of homesickness lately and longing for the company of those who can relate, I spent my morning online joining expat groups and trying to find meetups for Canadians/North Americans in England. I didn’t have much luck finding anyone in my area and I hadn’t stumbled upon any Canadians in my 2 1/2 months here so far.

That was until today! While at work waiting at a tea shop in a small Cambridgeshire town, a fellow Canuck came in for tea! He was about my age, and asked where I was from… as it turns out he used to live in the small town where my dad lives in Canada and where I moved from! HOLY SMALL WORLD! (I mean this town has a population of less than 30,000 people).

He teaches at a school in town and I have been trying for WEEKS to get a teaching assistant position in a school, so what a great person to know! As if that’s not awesome enough, then a friend of his comes in (and, I believe his dad… a middle-aged gentleman with a Canadian accent).

She’s ALSO from Canada, and looking for a room in town to rent! We will be looking for a renter shortly so that might actually work out perfect!

How weird is it that I spend my morning looking for Canadian meetups and then one just spontaneously happens at my work? I gave them my email and I hope to hear from them. I am so over the moon about finding some others going through all the same things I am.

I just called my boyfriend and told him all about it; he said I sound “well happy” and he’s really excited for me. I also just had a mini livingroom dance party by myself. I’m not the only Canadian here!!! It feels awesome to know I’m not the only one. My boss joked that we’re invading :p. Today tops yesterday’s workday where I accidentally sprayed whipped cream in my face by accident.

It’s been an eventful week :).


5 thoughts on “I Met Some Fellow Canadians in Old Blighty!

    1. I seem to be very lucky that way… just the other day I was thinking I wish josh would bring me flowers sometimes and then yesterday he came home with a beautiful purple plant for me πŸ™‚ perhaps I should wish to win the lottery? πŸ˜‰

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