Before’s and After’s and Our Last Weekend Together

Our little garden has been coming along, slow but sure. The tomato’s are still green but now there are a lot of them! I think they’ll start turning any day.

tomato2 tomato1 tomato3

I also finally have some zuchini’s growing on our zuchini plants (it’s been a bad year for growing them this year so I’ve heard and many of the early ones died off).

zuchini zuchini2 zuchini3

And our hot peppers which we’d almost given up on have started changing colour finally after being green and purple for the past two months. Hurrah!

peppers4 peppers6 peppers5

We’ve also added a new addition to the flower bed. This “Patio Deep Blue” plant was grown at Chatsworth House. We couldn’t help but take a bit of Chatsworth home with us :).

patiodeepblue2 patiodeepblue

Then on Friday my man came home with this beautiful little plant for me “just because” and turned on the country music station for the evening while we made and ate taco’s. I’m very lucky to have someone who is thoughtful like that, and I love him for it.


We also finished lining the garden bed with railway sleepers, and got a table and chairs for the yard. This is what the yard looked like when my man first bought the place… and this is it now! We still have to paint the fences, lay some turf and fill-in the garden but things are coming along… 🙂


It’s been such a wonderful summer watching the garden grow, making our house a home, and spending wonderful time together having adventures big and small. This morning I had to say goodbye to my other half for seven weeks, as he goes away for work.

I miss him already, and I can’t wait to have him back. He’ll be away for his birthday but back in time for Halloween so there’s still pumpkin carving to look forward to!

British Words of the Day:

anti-clockwise: counter clockwise

pear shaped: awry

Year 1/Year 2: Grade 1/Grade 2

howlin’: bad/ugly

well: very       ie; “That’s well good!” “You were out well late!”

cheeky monkey: smart a$$

cheers: thank you

chin wag: chat

Do: party/sell/have/??    ie; hen-do (bachelor party) leaving-do (sending off party). Also used like “do you do jumpers?” or “do you do watches?” and then there’s “I’ll do you!” or “The Police will do you.” (Not sure what the equivalent would be here??)

Washing up: dishes ie; “Can you do the washing up?”

Washing up liquid: dish detergent

fruity: arcade game

scoff: food




2 thoughts on “Before’s and After’s and Our Last Weekend Together

  1. Your yard looks fantastic! And the tomatoes look super healthy…maybe you’ll have some red ones in the coming week? I can’t wait to grow tomatoes next year.

    Oh dear, I was hoping that I wouldn’t be confused anymore by the British phrases. “I’ll do you” means…I’ll sell you to the highest bidder? Did you have a leaving-do for Josh? Leaving-do…my brain hurts.

    1. Thanks jane! Its been a lot of fun working on the yard together 🙂 you’ll have lots of room for a veggie garden next year…there’s something neat about picking something from your own garden.

      Yes I’m still learning new words and phrases all the time :p and we did have a leaving do for josh lol. His mum had all the family over for a bbq and we had cake since he’ll be away for his birthday. Can’t wait to have him back home!

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