Two Weeks In

So it’s been two weeks since my man went off to Kenya, though it feels much much longer! I miss him terribly but I’m doing better this week than last. Our roommate was away last week so I was stuck in the house feeling extremely lonely and down. I think it’s harder doing distance when you’re in a foreign country and don’t have the support of friends and family nearby.

Thankfully my other half has been contacting me everyday, and when I was at my lowest he called his mum and asked if I could stay there for a few days, which I really needed. The past week has been better. Just 5 weeks to go!

He just sent me some awesome photos of animals he’s seen as he’s been driving. So far he’s seen giraffes, elephants, camels, boar, monkeys, baboons and zebra’s all in the wild.


I’ve been keeping busy cleaning manically, avoiding spiders, twiddling thumbs, cooking and tending to the garden.

This week I made Monte Cristo’s (ham and shredded mozza dipped in french toast batter and fried)…

Brie and broccoli-stuffed pasta shells…

monte cristo pasta

And I attempted making my very first roast dinner (scratch the roast part)!


I’ve been using lots of herbs from the garden in my cooking, though the bugs have eaten all my zucchini’s so far (I think it’s the slugs).

herbs2 zucchini2

In other exciting garden news, I harvested my first and only tomato to date! Woohoo! Let’s make a salad. Also our rose bush that I thought was done for the season just bloomed again so that’s been lovely. I’ve been keeping my sweetheart updated through photos though his photos to me are about 10 billion times more interesting :p.

tomato rosebush

Here’s a couple more he sent me:



It really does feel like we’re living in two totally different worlds. I’m happy he’s seeing some neat creatures (the only creatures I’ve been seeing in England lately are spiders in our house… ok. Who opened the Chamber of Secrets?) but I really want him home soon to get the spiders for me  to cuddle. There’s no one I’d rather share my days with :).

British Words of the Day:

Blag it: Bullsh*t it

And what: and? (usually said with attitude)

Bang out of order: not very nice

Got a strop on: In a mood

Get amongst it: Just do it

Proper: very          ie; “That’s proper good!”

Give you a bell: give you a call/ring

Sorted: arranged

Whinging: Whining

Scouser: someone from Liverpool

loo: bathroom

wee: polite-ish way of saying pee       ie; “I need a wee!” (makes it sound fun doesn’t it?)

I need a toilet: pretty self-explanatory but you’d never hear a Canadian say it like that

toilet roll: toilet paper

Lift: elevator

You up for it?: You feel like it?

Made redundant: fired from a job

What’s your favourite British slang? Are any of these new to you? What’s the coolest creature you’ve seen in the wild?



4 thoughts on “Two Weeks In

  1. That’s a good size tomato, I mean to-mah-to. Have you harvested any more?

    I gained five pounds looking at the Monte Cristo sandwich. And now I’m craving mashed potatoes and gravy…so cool that you’re cooking!

    Okay, let’s see what words you have this time…why do I get the feeling that “scouser” isn’t complimentary? And you’re right, I’ve never heard a Canadian (or an American) say “I need a toilet!” Sounds so urgent, haha!

    1. I did finally get a tiny harvest yesterday 🙂 made a mini tomato mixed lettuce and basil salad from the garden… was quite yummy!

      It does sound urgent hahah.

      I’m always learning new words. I’ve been watching a lot of british stand up comedy lately and I’m constantly asking about unfamiliar references and words. Last night I learned a “dodgem” is a bumper car :p

      1. I forgot to mention that I’ve never heard of The Inbetweeners…I’ll have to look it up so that I can be confused by all of the phrases. Loooong time ago I used to watch “The Young Ones”, one of the most ridiculous, outrageous and hilarious shows I’ve ever seen. Have you heard of it?

      2. I haven’t heard of that one I’ll have to check it out!

        The inbetweeners is quite crude but so so hilarious. I think it’s still on netflix. Definitely check it out 🙂 so british lol

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