Review: Leicester Square & Piccadilly Circus


I absolutely LOVE this hub of London; it’s bright, it’s loud, it’s chock-full of souvenir shops and always buzzing with people and energy.


Leicester Square has many food shops, movie theaters and a carnival at it’s heart. Plus an insatiable amount of souvenir shops that light your way into Piccadilly circus. If you want to find a favourite London mug, some British tea, or a magnet of the Queen this is your stop! Or if you wanna have a chat and a selfie with Billy Shakespeare 😉

There’s usually some sort of entertainment going on here whether it be a magic show, fire eating, singing or dancing.

Also if you have some weird M&M obsession, you can visit M&M’s World. Yes. There is a store filled with just m&m’s… wearing fuzzy British hats and looking dismal. Very British!

m&msworld M&Msstore

As you stroll along the neon streets you will soon find yourself crossing over into Piccadilly Circus (not exactly sure where one ends and the other begins). Again you will find tons of souvenir shops… like this one…

You know you wanna try and stuff that Union Jack mini in your suitcase.


And then, da-da-da-da! The main corner (isn’t it odd that Leicester Square is more like a circus and Piccadilly Circus is more like a square?). Though you might for a moment believe you’ve happened upon Hollywood or The Big Apple, those royal red double deckers will soon remind you of just where you are. It’s an interesting mish-mash of old-style London architecture and in-your-face New York style advertising.

Also, if you’re a Harry Potter buff you might recognize Piccadilly Circus from a scene in the Deathly Hallows Part 1.


And if you’re lucky (as we were) you might even happen upon a random outbreak of dancing in the squa- circus. Worpor Gangnam Style! If you’re unlucky you might happen upon a naked bike ride instead. Don’t google that. You’re totally googling that.

As we were there at Christmas time there was a lovely giant snow globe, though it popped the next day due to high winds.


This is one part of London I always look forward to going to (perhaps because I love souvenirs). And yes, I did find my favourite London mug and a few treats to bring home…


If you’re in London I would highly recommend a stop to Leicester Square and Piccadilly Circus, especially in the evenings when it’s lit-up. It’s free and there’s always lots to see!

Rated: 4.5/5


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