Review: Skating at the Museum of Natural History


Every year starting at the end of October, an ice rink is laid in front of the stunning backdrop of the Museum of Natural History in London. This runs until after Christmas time, and makes a magical day (or evening) out. Make sure to grab a hot chocolate at the nearby food truck and have a gander through the free Museum of Natural History. At night-time the trees are drenched in white fairy lights, making your skate utterly romantic.


You wanna book ahead of time and show up 20 minutes to 1/2 an hour before your skate time because there is often a long line-up for taking tickets and renting your bright blue skates (included in the ticket price) although you CAN bring your own skates. There is a cloakroom where you can store things at 2£ per item.


The ice tends to be quite busy, but there is a mini-rink for beginners and penguin skating aids (5£) for children on a first come first served basis. Somehow we managed not to fall!


I have to admit that coming from Canada I wasn’t as pumped as all my British counter-parts to go skating, but it ended up being one of the highlights of my trip to London. It was a blast, and in such a beautiful spot. I would DEFINITELY go again!

From 11am until 1:40 pm you can skate at any time for £12.65 ea.
Or £9.90 ea. for groups of 4
From 2pm until 8pm you can book 50 minute intervals starting on the hour for £15.40 ea.
Or £10.72 for groups of 4
Plus there are child/toddler deals

Buy Tickets Here

It’s a bit pricey considering most skating rinks in Canada are free, but the fact that the history museum is always free makes up for a bit of that in my mind.

Overall I give it: 4/5

Skip to 2:36 and 3:23 for some clips of our skating adventure 😉


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