4 Weeks In

My sweetheart has now been away for 4 weeks, and I miss him as much as ever. I’m trying to keep busy cooking, tending to the garden and enjoying the beauty of England.

In garden news I’ve had my very first harvest! Yay!


I even made a teeny tiny salad with black cherry tomatoes, basil and mixed lettuce from the garden, along with some aged balsamic from Italy. It was brill as the Brits would say.


Our other rose bush bloomed again this week and I bought and planted a couple new additions… the flower garden is getting there slowly :).

garden4 garden6


I’ve also gone for a few walks lately and took some photos on my walking adventures… there are just a few lingering summer poppies giving way to the first omens of fall. Blackberry bushes still seem to twine their way along most roads and pathways, ripe for the picking.


walkabout3 walkabout2


walkabout8 walkabout7

I love that many of the older homes have these characterful plaques with the house name and the year it was built. I love trying to find the oldest dates.


As the days are getting crisper I’ve taken to making soups and lighting my vanilla candles… they just make the house feel more cosy :). I also caught a rainbow out our kitchen window.

broth rainbow


My man continues to message everyday and call when he can; he keeps me updated on his adventures through pictures. I miss him so much but being in our home helps… seeing all the little touches we’ve done together makes it feel like he’s here. He’s here in the coffee table we picked out at a charity shop, in the canvas print over the fireplace, in the garden we planted together. But I really want him home. He is my home.

It was his birthday a couple days ago and I wish I could have spent the day making him feel special. But I hope to treat him to something great when he’s back… that is if I have any money by then. I have an interview tomorrow for an awesome full-time job though so my fingers and toes are crossed!

I still can’t get over how odd it seems that I’m a Canadian here in England so that I can be with my British man who is in Africa. What is wrong with this picture! We’ll manage to be in the same country one of these days :p

Although dad will be here for a visit soon annd a girl friend from home, both in October so I have that to look forward to :).

I’ll leave you with a few photos from the other side of the world and of course some British words of the day! 😉




kenya5.5 kenyachess

British Words of the Day:

dodgem: bumper car

colouring pencils: pencil crayons

craft paper: construction paper

Hank Marvin (or just “Hank”): starving     ie; “I’m Hank!”

pudding: dessert

tea: dinner

summit: something

Moreish: good (especially relating to food)

budge up: move over/make room

full up: full          ie; after a big meal you’d say “I’m full up!”

hanging: craving/needing badly       ie; “I’m hanging for a toilet” or just “I’m hanging” (usually means hungover)

jolly: really/very

Autumn: fall

trolley: cart

What do you fancy most about Autumn? 😉


7 thoughts on “4 Weeks In

  1. Your harvest looks great! I’m especially interested in the tomatoes – how did they taste? And your flowers look beautiful!

    “I’m Hank!”?? Oh dear, this could cause all sorts of confusion for me. What if their name is Hank?: “I’m Hank! And I’m Hank!”

    Have a wonderful time with your family when they visit!

    1. Thank you! The tomatoes are good though most are still green. Theres also a big taste yield and size difference between the ones I grew in miracle grow soil in pots and the ones I planted in the garden. The potted ones are much better. Think I may get some quality soil to mix in with the drier and rockier soil of the garden bed. And will plant much earlier next year!

      Thank you I love bright flowers and fingers crossed the bulbs I planted will come up in spring!

      It is one confusing place! That’s for sure! Hope you’re well. Looking forward to hearing about what you’ve been up to lately 🙂

      1. Interesting about the differences you saw with the soil you used. All of my testing will happen in the early spring. I’ve got some unusual things I want to try and grow…

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