First Time on a Double Decker and I Got A Job!!!


Yesterday was quite a day; I rode a double decker for the first time (it’s my new favourite way to travel, I love it!). I had two interviews and got hopelessly lost trying to find where my second interview was. But in the end I got the job that I really had my heart set on.

I am a barrel of excitement as yesterday I was offered a full-time job in a lovely school as a Special Educational Needs teaching assistant. Yesterday I got to meet the bright-eyed little ones I’ll be working with and they were such a sweet and entertaining bunch! I cannot wait to start! So thankful to have been given this amazing opportunity.

I’ll be sad to be leaving my tea shop job as it’s been a lot of fun, but I know I’ll be a regular visitor to the tea parlour :).

This will be my first real fulltime Monday – Friday type job so I’m really looking forward to set hours and taking a big step in the direction of my future career. Plus it’s a perfect schedule for me as I’ll have my weekends free to see my man (as he’s only home at weekends) and we’ll have all the same holidays off. I must admit I feel a little bit grown-up :).

I only wish my better half were here to celebrate but now we will have his birthday and my new job to toast to when he gets home!

Here are some views from the double decker I rode in. It wasn’t a traditional bright red one, but was still really fun! Plus it went down all the old country roads and it was a beautiful drive with the leaves starting to turn, all the quaint little pubs, rose gardens and dewy fields.

dd1 dd3

What was the highlight of your week?



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