Coronation Street Tour, Manchester

My dad being a big Corrie fan (he watches it back in Canada every Sunday), I just had to take him to the Coronation Street Tour when he visited me in England last week!

We got a bit lost found our way to the studio about half an hour before our tour began which was lots of time to take the obligatory Coronation St photo (they suggest 15 minutes).

Unfortunately you aren’t allowed to take photos inside the studio of the indoor sets or costumes and props.

I can tell you the highlight of the costumes for me was seeing Tracey’s dress that Carla ripped to shreds during her wedding. We got to see all 3 dresses (2000£ each!) that were used in shooting the scene (one for outdoor, one for indoor and one to be mangled in their fight scene which they had to get right in one take). Apparently Carla really went for it which you could tell by the state of the dress!

Another highlight was Kylie Platt’s glittery, obscenity-laden jean skirt.

tracey1 tracey2

The Platt household is the only one on set with a working kitchen and the actors and actresses would often bring in their laundry and do it in the Platt house laundry machine. Most of the inside sets have no upstairs so when someone stomps upstairs (like at the Platt house… usually David) they need to slow down near the top then stand quietly on a skinny landing until the scene is finished. I will be watching for this next time!

platt house

During the tour you’ll learn all sorts of new things like what happened to the stunt double during the infamous David pushing his mother Gail down the stairs incident. The reasons behind certain colour choices on set, namely orange. And about the sewing abilities of all those Underworld employees, among many other neat facts and stories.

You’ll get to watch a short video that recaps the funniest and most disastrous moments of Coronation Street over the past 55 years, which will leave you feeling all nostalgic.

You’ll also get to have a professional photo taken behind the bar at the Rover’s Return (10£ for a printed copy or 8.50£ for a USB copy). You would not believe how small the indoor set for the Rover’s actually is; like many sets the exterior of the Rover’s is completely detached from the interior.

#0569, tour 4-20pm on 14-10-2015, group photo, print single

You’ll exit the surprisingly cramped-for-space indoor studio onto the exterior Coronation Street to the wistful sound of intro music. Here you can take as many photos as you like, and we did!

We loved being able to walk the cobbles of Corrie Street.

I’ll have a chicken kebab please!


Oh look, another street…

Orrrr a giant picture of a street! Fooled you!

Where Tina met her end…

You can also walk around the backs of the Rover’s and the houses beside it. This part is easily missed but worth a wander… you might hear some familiar voices as you walk past.


We thoroughly enjoyed the Coronation Street Tour. The guided indoor set tour was humorous and interesting and it was also nice to get a chance to wander at your leisure outside for as long as you wanted.

There is a gift shop inside the Corrie Street pharmacy, and you can view and buy your Rover’s Return photos there as well.

This is a must-stop for any Corrie fan, although you’ll have to act soon as this studio is only open for tours until December and flats will be going up where this gem is. This location is the second Coronation Street filming location in it’s 55 -year run and was used for filming from 1982-2013. Filming has since been moved to a new location in Manchester for the past two years. I’m not sure if there will be tours at this new location.

It costs 17£ for an adult ticket plus a .75£ delivery charge even though they EMAIL you your ticket, which I think is ridiculous but I digress. It is worth the ticket price. We spent a good couple hours on the set. The only thing I’d do differently next time is not get to Manchester so early as this really seemed to be the only draw to Manchester which is a very industrial city.

Overall 4.5/5 pints!


5 thoughts on “Coronation Street Tour, Manchester

  1. I had no idea Corrie was shown in Canada. Looks like you had a lot of fun, one of my favorite parts about living here was showing my Dad around when he visited (we opted for the Harry Potter tour, which we share a love for!). 🙂

  2. Although I’ve never heard of Coronation Street, it sounds like it is full of drama, fighting, and intrigue. My kind of show! Hey, I just remembered that years ago I used to watch “Eastenders”. Have you heard of it?

    So cool that you got to visit here with your dad!

    1. Yes they love eastenders here! Surprised you’ve heard of it! The two shows are pretty much the same thing but only coronation street is broadcast in canada.

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