A Proper English Christmas


Apologies for being completely MIA since starting my new job!

Tis the season to be jolly! We’ve been very busy getting ready for Christmas which means Christmas shopping, wrapping, sending Christmas cards home to Canada, and last weekend we put our Christmas decorations up for the first time together, in our home. It was wonderful. We listened to Christmas songs; my man was treated to my traditional Alvin and the Chipmunks Christmas songs (he loved tolerated that) and I added The Pogues to our Christmas mix. 🙂

We also watched the Grinch and talked about how crazy it is that I’m really living here. There are still days when I can’t believe what an adventure I’m on. I’m a very lucky girl to have found this much happiness.

Stocking hangers courtesy of mom. They don’t sell them in the UK!

The faux snow on my teeny tiny Christmas tree is all the snow I hope to see this winter!

I had to have some outdoor lights so picked up a few at B&M and my lovely other half put them up on Monday. As he’s now home for the holidays he’s been spoiling me driving me to and from work, preparing lovely suppers for when I get home, and just generally being thoughtful and sweet.


As I’ve been suffering with the most horrid ear infection I’m so happy to have my snuggle partner back home (nothing like a little illness and being alone to bring on the homesickness blues!) and he’s been taking great care of me :).


We’ve also taken to doing a bit of skating, going to football (can’t believe I’m calling soccer football now :p), playing board games, gaming and cooking together. We’ve been doing lots of cooking on the weekends, from homemade pizza (even made our own dough with flour and yeast), to homemade lasagna, to slow cooker beef stew. We both love a culinary adventure.



We also bought a dryer this month which came on Monday, so my man has been excitedly washing everything in the house. I’m completely okay with this. Fun fact: they don’t sell dryer sheets here. My list of things they don’t sell in the UK is ever growing but boy was I excited to find some Oh Henry’s at the massive Tesco stores!

Looking forward to all this Christmas season will bring!

Cherio for now old chaps and chapettes!

P.S. What’s your favourite Christmas song?

British words of the day:

Grotto: workshop/lair? (As in Santa’s Grotto)

Christingles: no Canadian equivalent. They are an orange with sweets attached to them, wrapped in a ribbon with a candle stuck in the top.


Bog roll/Loo roll: toilet paper

Fairy liquid: dish detergent

Roger: alright/understood

peaky: sick looking

gobby: mouthy

banter: teasing

cheek: back talk

mint: nice       ie; “That’s mint!”

dosh: money

dossing: slacking      ie; “You’ve been dossing about all day!”

the dole: welfare




5 thoughts on “A Proper English Christmas

    1. I’m working in a school and kept hearing that we would be making Christingles for the Christingle service and thought I’d better look them up so I don’t look like a complete noob 😉

      I thought it was a bit bizarre as well; each aspect of the Christingle represents something. The orange represents the world and the candle represents the light of god and the sweets represent my sweet-tooth… wait that doesn’t sound right…

  1. Okay, I have to get this off my chest first: Why do some men have the longest eyelashes?!? It’s not fair. My ex had much longer lashes than mine and when he had the nerve to complain about them, haha! Okay, I feel better now.

    Your place looks so Christmas cozy! I’m not so sure about the the Christingle, though. I kinda doubt there is an equivalent out there. Anywhere. Your own dryer! When I’ve been in friends’ homes in Europe, I never saw a dryer. That’s very exciting!

    Oh…I hope your ear infection has cleared up by now…

    1. lol he does have the longest eyelashes, I’m jealous too :p

      I love the Christmas season 🙂 Are your decorations all up?

      Yes dryers are very expensive to run here so not many people have them. That and the houses aren’t designed for them. It was taking about 3 days to dry anything if we hung them up all over the house and by the time it dried the clothes smelled horrible and I’d have to wash them again.

      Thankfully my ear is doing much better, still don’t have my hearing back in it completely but it’s getting there!

      Happy Christmas! Hope you have a lovely New Year as well 🙂

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