Bubbledogs, London


When I heard there was a London restaurant specializing in the unorthodox pairing of hot dogs and champagne I just had to give it a try. Especially because I had my father visiting who is a self-professed hot dog addict.

Bubbledogs is a short 2-3 minute walk from Goodge St. station in an area of London that is a culinary mecca. Sprouting with busy gastro pubs, cafes and deli’s, this is the place to find good eats in London.

Bubbledogs is a small hot-dog bar, and if you want a proper table you must make a reservation, otherwise you can pull up a stool at the bar or counter.



Dad ordered the “Fourth of July” dog (left) which has as it’s topping spicy BBQ sauce, slaw and crispy bacon (7£). I had the “Mac Daddy” which had mac n cheese, crispy onions and bacon bits (8£).


I really expected more from an 8£ hot dog. The dog itself didn’t have a good, meaty texture; it was soft and reminded me of the cheaper brand hot dogs you might buy in a pack of 12 at the store, not those nice firm, sausage-style dogs you get at a good hot dog stand. The flavour of the dog tasted mildly of jalapenos. The mac and cheese was also disappointing. I absolutely adore a creamy, homemade mac n cheese but this one tasted like an artificial orange sauce. My dog’s one redeeming quality was the crispy onions.

Dad enjoyed his Fourth of July dog though we both felt that the price was steep.

The sweet potato fries were lovely; crispy and the perfect balance of sweet and salty (3.50£). And the Champagne, though overpriced, was bubbly and sweet and surprisingly, went wonderfully with hot dogs! (8£ each)

Overall verdict: I love that this place is doing something completely creative with food and atmosphere and I’m glad that we stopped in to experience something out of the ordinary. However, the price and the quality of food won’t have me running back for more.

Rated: 3/5

Next time I’m in London, I think I’ll be checking out the Sal Capone Italian cafe which is right near the entrance of Goodge St station. Their pasta and pizzas looked fantastic!




2 thoughts on “Bubbledogs, London

  1. Hmmm…interesting… I admit that I do love hot dogs. And I REALLY love champagne. But together? I agree, I like the fact they are trying to be creative but a pairing like that you have to do well. Kudos to you for being adventurous!

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