A Brand New Year

As the new year begins I can’t help but look back on what a wonderful adventure this past year has been.

It began with a Christmas-time visit to England.


Applying to University.


An airport goodbye.


An Easter weekend visit from my one and only.


Our last ever airport goodbye.


A wonderful trip to Nova Scotia, Canada to visit my mum and all of her side of the family.


A trip to Ottawa and Toronto to say “see you soon” to some of my dearest friends.


Saying a difficult goodbye to my dad and a treasured friend at the airport and taking that monumental one-way flight to my new home in England.


Spending evenings cuddled on the couch, cooking meals together and making our house a home. Falling asleep beside one another and waking up smiling, thinking how marvelous all the little intricacies of life are.


Working in a lovely tea parlour and discovering my love for scones.


Summer days in our backyard hammock, digging in the dirt, watching things grow, playing badminton and looking at the stars.


Travelling all over and experiencing the beauty and charm of England.


Spending a magical couple of days in Derbyshire exploring the peak district and Chatsworth House.


Quelling the loneliness when my other half was away for weeks at a time with work.

Enjoying the company of his warm family.

Missing the comforts of home and discovering new favorite things in the UK.

Applying for hundreds of jobs, taking the train and the bus all over and learning how to be independent.


Feeling like a kid having lots of fun pretending to be an adult.

Dad visiting for a whirlwind two weeks and making some cherished memories all over England.

Beginning a job as a teaching assistant in a primary school.

Taking a double decker bus to my first day of work.

Overwhelming joy when my man returned home.


A hard airport goodbye when dad left.

Exploring Brighton.


Carving Halloween pumpkins and handing out candy.


Roast dinners, football, skating, cuddles and kisses.


Decorating for Christmas together.



Being thankful.

Being so incredibly happy.

Being so in love.

Board games, hot apple cider, family.


Exploring the Cotswolds and Oxford.


Driving 7 hours to Edinburgh, Scotland and back for one New Years night of fireworks, chatter, dancing and a midnight kiss.


This past year has been the most delectable adventure… I still can’t believe that this is really my life.

Someone pinch me.

I can’t wait to see what this new year has in store :).



3 thoughts on “A Brand New Year

  1. What a year!! Fantastic recap…so much has happened for you and it’s so cool to see your year in photos. BTW, I think your applying-to-university face is the same as my don’t-make-me-go-on-a-blind-date face, haha! I feel like 2016 is going to be really interesting, with more doors opening…

    1. For some reason I just saw this comment now. 2016 should be another year full of adventures! How is your 2016 so far? I miss your posts! X

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