Expat Life Lately: Sisterhood of the Travelling Trousers

Life lately has been wonderful 🙂

Even after 9 months (where does the time go???) the beauty of England isn’t lost on me.

I spend many quiet moments by our bedroom window in the dark watching a peacockish sun wax and wane it’s wings in the sky. Sometimes I see it peek over the flat green pastures, setting the unending creek ablaze in luminous oranges and pinks, from the top of a double decker. Flashy pheasants peck away in the black soil of abandoned corn fields near winding country roads. Sometimes I count them on my way to work. The other day I counted seven.

I’m not saying I always see things through rose-coloured glasses (just last week I had to wait in the cold at the bus stop for 2 hours because a bus broke down making me hopelessly late for work). I find England can be a very stressful place and the most irritating thing is that it doesn’t have to be. But I do so enjoy the little things.

Nature, good food, being with my other half.

And I often still think, is this really my life? Am I really here?

We had a very relaxing, lazy weekend together playing video games, picking out more paint for the home, watching movies and shows (Hello Big Bang Theory now on Netflix!), snuggling and hanging out with one of Josh’s good friends. I miss him like crazy through the week, but the weekends come quickly now that I’m so busy. Unfortunately the weekends pass just as quickly!

Today was a bit of a stressful day at work, but alas, I unexpectedly found a pair of flared yoga pants… err trousers… as I was waiting for the bus tonight! Get in! I have been looking for a pair of plain, black, stretchy flared leg pants for the past 9 months. All that they sell in the UK is skinny fit, skinny fit orrrrrr if you like something different -TOO BAD!-skinny fit!

I have been wearing the most worn-out, stained, stretched-out, holey pair of well-travelled Walmart yoga trousers (that my man is not particularly fond of) since I arrived because I refuse to go skinny (unless we’re talking dipping). Having given up on ever finding a pair here I was on the cusp of begging dad to buy a pair at Walmart and ship them when *cue music* there they were! In a store I stopped in mainly to warm up for a few minutes.

Usually my UK shopping trips end in frustration but tonight I found one thing after another that I’ve been meaning to get, and these were the cherry on top.

This must seem insanely trivial, but to me I struck gold today. It really is the little things sometimes :). I also saw a purple flower that my grandpa always used to have in his garden back home, bought it, and planted it tonight. There’s something about digging in the dirt with a spade that feeds your soul.

Contrary to popular belief good food can be found (or made) even in England! Last night’s Caprese salad with balsalmic vinegar we bought at the Campo Dei Fiori market in Rome.
Digging in the garden and planting a little bit of home…
And most importantly, spending time with the boy that makes everyday the best day of my life. 🙂

Is there an item that you’ve ever been really happy to find while abroad?

British words of the day:

Doing my head in: really annoying me

No skin off their nose: It shouldn’t make any difference to them

In a pickle: In a predicament

In a muddle: confused

Kip: nap

Buckshee: playing hooky, free of charge , easy               ie; “Sounds like it could be quite a                                                                                                                                    buckshee week at work!”

Truancy: the action of playing hooky


9 thoughts on “Expat Life Lately: Sisterhood of the Travelling Trousers

  1. I arrived in the UK three weeks ago to be with my other half… I too enjoy the little things, it is so different from home! I’d like to write more about my new life here, I just don’t seem to know where to start… Your writing is amazing and I really enjoyed reading your post! Where are you living in the UK exactly? I’m in the East Midlands. 🙂

    1. Thanks very much 🙂

      Don’t worry – just start! I’m sure many people can relate to what you have to say 🙂 I love reading about the experiences of other expats… I usually find myself going “exactly!!!”

      I’m living in the East of England; it’s beautiful. My favourite place in England so far though has been the peak district; it doesn’t even seem real it’s so breathtaking.

      1. That’s exactly the reaction I had whilst reading your blog! 😉 I live in Lincolnshire, so in the east as well… We went to the Peak District last September; you are right, it is absolutely breathtaking! We had a lovely weekend there and plan to return sometimes this year. We are also looking forward a hiking trip in the Lake District, and a motorbike trip to Highclere Castle (where they filmed Downton Abbey) and Stonehenge. I think you’re right, I should just start writing and stop thinking too much… I look forward reading more about your expat life! 🙂 x

      2. We wanted to go camping in the lake district last summer but our plans didn’t quite come to fruition, hopefully this summer we’ll make it down. Have you been to chatsworth house in derbyshire? It is absolutely incredible I’ve been twice lol Highclere is also on my list! Along with waddeston manor in buckinghamshire and allerton castle (where the secret garden was filmed). There are sooo many places I just can’t wait to see in this gorgeous country.

        I look forward to reading your posts!

  2. The food looks so good, I’m jealous! While I’m here in London my boyfriend made me “Gammon and a fried egg” which is proper English pub food, have you tried it yet? Plus I love that phrase “doing my head in” my boyfriend says I do that do him all the time (jokes! haha)

    1. I have not tried that one yet I must say I do often miss food from back home. Though I’m currently at wetherspoons and they did me a breakfast with no beans and extra hash browns which is the closest thing I’ve had to a build your own breakfast since arriving 🙂

      I’m sure I do my man’s head in too sometimes hahah

      1. It was pretty good, for pub food of course haha! And ahh I love Wetherspoons, good food for pretty cheap, that’s always a good night out with the friends! And yes I miss the food back home too, although they have Nandos here and I am a HUGE fan of them 🙂

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