Spring + The Seaside


It’s been a wonderful couple of weeks with the days getting lighter and my sweetheart being on holidays. Unfortunately our spring holidays haven’t lined up like they were supposed to but that means he’s been able to take me to work and pick me up everyday which has been nice!

Last weekend we had brilliant weather and spent a day picking out flowers and then cutting grass and planting them in the garden. I’m always exuberant when I’m in the garden digging in the dirt.

spring3 spring2

spring spring4


Stealing a kiss in our garden ;). We also went bowling with friends and out to dinner with lots of family for my man’s little bro’s birthday.

As I’m now on holidays for 2 weeks (yes!) we spent a lovely Friday at the Seaside in the greatly missed sunshine. We had a walk along Hunstanton beach then went to nearby Thornham Deli and shop. Highly recommend this rustic deli. It’s in a beautiful spot and has a farm-shop feel to it. Plus the food was absolute perfection.


I can say I went in the ocean!

thornham deli

I love discovering new haunts that remind me of places I’ve loved back home.


I spent the rest of the afternoon basking in the sunshine on our backyard hammock – the first time I’ve been able to get it out since last summer. So nice to get a taste of warm weather.

British Words of the Day:

ice lolly: Popsicle

As useful as a chocolate teapot: useless

What is your favourite beach or seaside spot?



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