Tea and Wellies


What could be more British than tea and wellies? Let’s start off with tea. I am an avid tea enthusiast and regularly have upwards of 20 teas in the cupboard. I adore a fragrant cuppa of anything fruity, flowery or Earl Grey. Though I always have some PG Tips for those traditional Brits!

Recently my man and I picked up English Tea Shop’s blueberry and elderflower white tea at HomeSense and have become addicted. We drank the whole box in two days, went back and bought 3 more boxes.

White tea can be very delicate but this tea is full of subtle flavours and smells wonderfully of sweet blueberries and spring flowers. You don’t need any sugar in this fresh, nectarous brew; it is spring in a cup.

I don’t actually drink tea out of my wellies… or do I?

As it is now spring in Britannia I thought it wise to purchase my first pair of wellies! It was sunny when I bought them but by the time I caught the bus home broad raindrops were rapping at the glass of the double decker; windshield wipers swatting them away.

Normally I’d spend my walk home puddle dodging but I had a lovely walk home splashing through all the biggest puddles as the sky continued to cry with laughter.

I feel just a little bit more cultured now that I officially own a pair of Wellington’s, as if it is a kind of right-of-passage to being English. Of course I still love my Canadian traditions, but there’s something awfully charming about this little island.

What is your favourite type of tea?


3 thoughts on “Tea and Wellies

  1. I’m old enough to remember a time when the vast majority of the tea brewed in dear old Blighty was loose leaf. The ubiquitous bag seemed to stage a sudden, dramatic coup d’etat sometime around the summer of 1973, at least in our house it did.

    You could say that in tea drinking terms I’ve swum back upstream to the source – these days I drink mostly Chinese tea as nature intended, namely dairy free and unsweetened… 🙂

    1. That’s interesting! I worked at a tea parlour here for a few months we did over 50 loose leaf teas and the older folks were always turning their nose up ‘oh I don’t know about that; don’t you have any pg tips?’ The regular old breakfast blend was the most popular.

      Canada is littered with shops that just sell hundreds of loose leaf teas so I thought coming to england home of the brew it would be even bigger but not so much :p I can scarcely get any of my boyfriends friends or family to try anything other than breakfsstt blend.

      I do enjoy chinese tea as well. Thanks for stopping by!

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