Expat Life Lately: Plane Tickets and Long Distance


I am incredibly excited that I have booked my plane ticket home for this summer! I’ll be spending 3 weeks in Ontario and Nova Scotia devouring deep fried dill pickles, inhaling ketchup chips, gobbling poutine and stuffing enough Canadian goodies in my spare suitcase to get me through another year! Hoorah! And of course I’ll be spending time with my one-in-a-million family and friends 🙂


The only downside is I am “skint” this month having splurged on the plane ticket. Cup a noodles anyone?

In other news my man goes away today for just over 3 weeks to Germany and Italy with work. I know it’s not that long compared to what we’ve been through in our long distance relationship but it didn’t stop me shedding a few tears at the train station yesterday. Long distance definitely gets harder with time, but it makes the heart grow fonder as they say. Perhaps that’s why I adore that man of mine so much.

Reading Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince on my way home. I loved that they were on the Hogwarts train while I was reading on a train.

We spent our last day together with another quick trip to the wondrous ocean. This time at untouched Shingle Street Beach, Suffolk.


His plane hasn’t left the ground yet and I miss him already.

How do you pass the time when you’re away from your loved one? x


4 thoughts on “Expat Life Lately: Plane Tickets and Long Distance

  1. It’s about three weeks from when you posted this so hopefully he’s back by now!

    Hope you have an amazing time at home. I know what you mean about the cost–why does flying across the Atlantic cost your life savings!! Make a list now of everything you want to do/eat and don’t stop until you’ve done it all! 🙂

    1. He’s back sunday thank goodness! Hes able to use his phone now I can’t tell you how nice it was when he called the other night after 8 days of no contact. I couldn’t stop smiling all evening it was so good to hear his voice 🙂

      There are sooo many things I can’t wait to eat when I go home! That’s a good idea I am queen of lists lol I make them for everything :p

  2. My Australian husband and I did about a year and a half long distance (I would leave Halifax every two months after the end of a work contract and come to London, where he was living on a work visa) I just celebrated my one year living in London and living with him full time – I feel like looking back on the sad goodbyes, the countdowns to seeing him again – all worth it and make me appreciate him even more!

    Yay for Canada-England romances 🙂

    1. That’s awesome! Closing the distance is the best feeling in the world 🙂 You must have moved over just before I did as it’ll be a year living in England in June for me.

      I’m in a sort of weird closed-distance but still long distance limbo as I’ve moved to be with my man but he stays on camp through the week which means I see him at weekends and holidays, however he still gets sent away on exercises for weeks at a time. At least it’s no longer months of being apart 🙂

      Canada England romances are the best kind 😉

      Wishing you and your man oodles of happiness x

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