Bits of Home

It’s been nearly a year since I made the big move from Canada to England (when did that happen?!). It still feels like I only just arrived. I have settled into life in Old Blighty quite well and it has quickly become my beloved second home. However, I do love keeping little bits of Canada around our home to remind me of my roots.

Here are a few of my little reminders of home…


An actual maple leaf that’s been carefully carved into this wonderful depiction of a girl and boy kissing on a bench. I picked this up in Ottawa, Canada just weeks before moving to England.


Toronto Maple Leafs PJ bottoms. I got these for my man a few Christmas’s ago, but let’s be honest, I steal them pretty often.


Fridge magnets from home 🙂


My favourite hot chocolate mug had to come with me 🙂


This neat vintage postcard brings our two worlds together. I didn’t actually bring this with me; one of my man’s family members saw it and gave it to us.


And then there’s this lovely Canada-inspired Christmas ornament my brother and sister-in-law gave me the Christmas I moved over.


I actually have no idea where this very Canadian-looking moose scarf came from but my man was going through his wardrobe the other day and found it. I’ll definitely be wearing this a lot! Especially because I got my favourite scarf caught in my jacket zipper the other day and had to cut it out with scissors (what am I like).


I have always loved children’s stories and now that I’m working in a primary school I have an excuse to buy them! I had to pick up this book with beautiful illustrations based on all of the Canadian provinces. 

And for next Christmas, one of these guys will definitely be on my wish list!

hockey nutcrackers
1. The Bay 2. $39.99

Of course I’m also harbouring a stash of dill pickle chips, Kraft stuffing and gummy worms in the cupboard.

If you are an expat, what are some things that you’ve brought with you to remind you of home?

If you aren’t an expat, what do you think you would absolutely want to take with you if you had to move far from home?

Cheerio, eh!

Canadian Words of the Day:

Loonie: a one dollar coin

Toonie: a two dollar coin

Toque: a warm winter hat

double-double: a coffee with two creams and two sugars

Timbits: doughnut holes from the very popular Canadian coffee shop Tim Hortons

poutine: fries with cheese curds and gravy (deeelicious)

mickey: a small-sized bottle of alcohol

muskoka chair: an outdoor wooden lounge chair of a particular style

runners: trainers

duotang: a type of folder with split pins inside often used in primary schools


5 thoughts on “Bits of Home

      1. Oh…I only call running shoes the ones I actually run in. The other ones I call – hm – tennis shoes (in my lazy American accent it’s “tenna” shoes), which is doesn’t really make sense, now that I think about it. I’m going to start saying trainers from now on 😉

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