Expat Life Lately: A British Wedding, Gardening and Food Faves


A couple weeks back my other half and I got all dolled up to attend his friend’s sister’s wedding. It was a beautiful, cool evening spent dancing, chatting, sipping cocktails in the ivy-clad garden and just generally getting swept up in the romance. And of course sharing a peck or two.

I was really happy that the bartender was able to make me a seabreeze cocktail after we looked up the recipe online (something I haven’t had since moving). All of the popular drinks back home are unheard of here!


I was lucky that my man’s cousin had given me one of her old dresses a while back which happened to fit me perfectly and I found a simple black clutch at a charity shop for 4£ the day of. We had a really nice time together.

After two weeks of rain I finally got a nice day to plant my strawberries 🙂 I’ve done two hanging baskets with a few different varieties: Honeoye, Hapil and Cambridge Favourite. I’ll let you know what my favourite pick is once I get some berries!


The yellow and green Courgette’s (Zucchini’s) are growing ever bigger by the day and I hope to have some big enough to pick in the next 2-3 weeks 🙂 They’ve grown even since I took this photo a week or so ago.

courgette courgette2

And the most beautiful new guest to arrive in the garden is this Sunset Orange rose. Dad and I planted it last fall when he visited and this is the first time I’ve seen it bloom. It is the most stunning peach colour.

sunset orange

The spring and summer weather means changing tastebuds; from hot comfort foods to refreshing salads and summer veggies.

Some of my favourite home cooking dishes as of late have been pork (marinated in sweet chilli, wholegrain mustard, honey and mango/lime sauce), red cabbage (this vegetable has really grown on me since moving to the UK), and salads with basil and lettuce from the garden. And I love cheese anytime of year; this baked Camembert with cranberry sauce and toasted bakery bread is one of my simplest and most delicious recipes.

pork salad4 salad3 camembert

We were also lucky enough to stumble upon the Port & Sail pub in Snape, Suffolk while out for a country drive and the food was superb. From the creamy deep-fried brie to the punch of sundried tomato hummous to the delectable, tender chicken kiev. Yum!

Also, who wouldn’t love a town called Snape for obvious Harry Potter related reasons? 🙂


brie chickenkiev

Now that I’ve made you all incredibly hungry, have a wonderful rest of your weekend! What’s your favourite spring/summer food?

Cheerio! x



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